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American Rattan Launches A One-Stop Shop for Amazing Tropical and Coastal Furniture

2024-03-04 06:53:34 Business


American Rattan is an indoor and outdoor rattan furniture specialist. Mark Mosher, the founder of American Rattan, was a U.S. Air Force officer interested in wicker furniture and established the company upon retiring from the Air Force.

American Rattan, a leading rattan furniture online store, announces the release of a new line of tropical and coastal furniture. The new collection includes several collections of outdoor dining furniture as well as garden seating and patio table set for both indoor and outdoor use. The new products are manufactured in the USA and are available to consumers through the American Rattan online store.

American Rattan is a leading rattan furniture online shop where people can shop for outdoor patio furniture and indoor furniture like coffee tables. They also have a blog where people can read about the company and its products. "Rattan is a very popular material that people use for making their furniture. It is a natural product, and it does not have any chemicals or toxins in it. This makes it great for indoor use as well as outdoor use because it will not affect your health or the environment in any way, shape or form. Our main product lines are Rattan Dining Chairs, Sunbrella Sofa Furniture, Rattan Lounge Chairs, Rattan Sofas and Mid-Back Office Chairs, and more." said American Rattan founder Mark Mosher.

Eco-friendly rattan furniture is an environmentally-conscious alternative to traditional furniture. It can be made from recycled materials such as palm fronds, coconut husks, bamboo, or reed stems. The best part of rattan furniture is that it's simple to care for. Homeowners do not need any special tools or chemicals to maintain their furniture.

American Rattan offers a wide range of rattan furniture with comprehensive products and excellent customer service. The company is a leading manufacturer of rattan products, with an extensive product line that includes furniture, outdoor and indoor furnishings, and accessories. Furthermore, American Rattan Furniture offers a variety of styles for both residential and commercial use. The company's products range from simple hammocks to elegant sofas for your living room or home office space.??

About American Rattan

American Rattan is a leading indoor and outdoor furniture online store. The company was established by Mark Mosher, aka "The Rattan Man," a retiring U.S. Air Force officer who spent most of his career overseas in Asia and the Pacific Rim. After retiring from the USAF in 2002, Mark set out to fulfill his dream of starting a successful business specializing in rattan and wicker furniture. In 2002, American Rattan officially started operations with an online store at For more information, please contact: 1-888-265-4695 or visit

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