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Free Online Webinar by Tennis Wizard: US College Tennis Recruitment Guide

2024-03-04 02:15:55 Events / Trade Shows


Tennis Wizard is excited to announce a free online webinar on the US College Tennis Recruitment Guide on 24 January 2023.

This comprehensive guide provides everything players need to know to maximize their chances of being recruited into college tennis. It covers topics such as setting up college tours, preparing portfolios and writing essays, making official visits, and more. Participants will find all their questions and uncertainties answered regarding college tennis recruitment.

Anirban Dutta will host this webinar. He is the CEO of The Tennis Wizard and former D1 College tennis coach. He has decades of combined experience guiding aspiring collegiate tennis players and sharing helpful advice and knowledge that could prove invaluable when considering a future in college tennis. Besides that, the webinar will cover the following topics.

1. Insights into scholarship details.
2. Information about NIL sponsorship deals for players.
3. The variations between NCAA, NAIA, and NJAA divisions.
4. Pro pathway from college tennis
5. NIL sponsorship deals
6. And more

The webinar will provide an overview of US college tennis, a pro pathway from college tennis, Prize money acceptance rules, and how you can get help from the Tennis Wizard.

Anyone interested in learning more about the college tennis recruitment process, including players, students, and parents, is most welcome to join this free webinar.
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Tennis Wizard is about managing a tennis journey. Our goal is to help each player become their best self. This platform provides expert advice and insights about college tennis recruitment. In the future, this platform will equip the tennis module with wellness and mental strength training.

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