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CoinsQueens released the latest LocalBitcoins with elite features

2024-04-23 11:44:54 Business


CoinsQueens is a top-performing and highly in-demand cryptocurrency exchange software provider in the present market. We have assisted multitudinous business enthusiasts and cryptopreneurs to efficiently and successfully launch their cryptocurrency exchanges in the crypto space. Our development services are inclusive of entire customization ability ensuring a personalized development of the businesses.

One of our prominent crypto development services includes a LocalBitcoins clone script consisting of all updated and market-matching features and characteristics. Our impeccable technical team delivered numerous robust and competitive clone scripts of LocalBitcoins with bug-free deployment. Our work process includes updating our development relevant to the constant market changes and trends. One can effortlessly establish their p2p crypto exchange business like LocalBitcoins with full efficacy with the assistance of our LocalBitcoins clone software.

Superior Features of Our LocalBitcoins Clone Script

User & Admin Panel:
An attractive and user-engaging dashboard for users and a simplified admin panel enable effective usage of the p2p crypto exchange platform.

Ads-based Trade:
Trading through ads facilitates the user to post ads containing requirements for selling or buying their cryptocurrencies.

Cross-browser Compatible:
Our LocalBitcoins clone script is built with the compatibility of providing the crypto exchange working fine with multiple browsers.

Crypto Price Ticker API:
The feature of price ticker API permits users to have access to real-time market prices of the existing cryptocurrency.

Escrow Wallet Integration:
The amalgamation of a secured Escrow wallet into the crypto exchange, similar to LocalBitcoins, allows the user to process safe trades and transactions.

Multiple Payment Gateway:
The clone script of LocalBitcoins is included with multiple payment gateway integrations to provide the user with multiple payment options.

Multi-currency Support:
The multiple cryptocurrency support leads to an increased number of trading options and cryptocurrency flow in the platform.

Essential Security Attributes of Our LocalBitcoins Clone Script
-Escrow Security
-Data encryption
-SQL injection prevention
-Anti Denial of Service(DoS)
-Two-factor authentication
-Login guard
-Reputation system
-Escrow security
-HTTP authentication.

Beneficials of Our LocalBitcoins Clone Script

Speedy transactions - The Transactions occur more quickly and don't require much time.
Availability of 200+ cryptocurrencies - It offers users more than 200 cryptocurrencies, letting users conduct transactions in a multitude of cryptocurrencies.

Multiple safety elements - You can include an assortment of safety elements to reinforce your crypto exchange platform's encryption system.

Customizable programs - The functionalities are completely adaptable, making it easy to customize your exchange in compliance with your business needs.

Multilingual support - Since it is a worldwide platform, the LocalBitcoins clone software automatically includes support for different languages.

Multi-device compatibility - The platform is compatible with a diverse range of devices, so you may use it with any device or OS.

Highly Scalable - The capacity to manage concurrent transactions that are highly scalable to sustain N number of operations at once is effortlessly achievable.

Enhanced security - Fully equipped with all the mandatory security measures expected by the trader, thereby making it difficult for hackers to intrude.

Why Opt CoinsQueens for LocalBitcoins Clone Script?
CoinsQueens has given a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts now depend on us for their enterprises. To give our clients the best LocalBitcoins clone script possible, we have a highly skilled team of blockchain specialists, engineers, and designers. We offer all of our services at reasonable prices so that our clients may generate more money with smaller outlays of capital. With the help of our LocalBitcoins clone software, you can easily launch your cryptocurrency exchange company if you want to compete with LocalBitcoins.

Company :-CoinsQueens

User :- Natalya Jade


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