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Tootestate Launches Self-made Development System Matches Global Buyers Buying a Property Through Shareholder-Based System

2024-05-24 05:36:29 Business


Tootestate's house trading system automatically matches the house purchasing partners, each accounting for 20% of the house property shares, and pays the house price in 96/60 installments.

Dubai, UAE- Tootestate, a leading property agency in Dubai, has introduced an innovative property ownership system. This property ownership system is a shareholder-based system that allows investors to gain property ownership in Dubai at a fraction of the price. The key to this method is the small 20% ownership portion that each individual can purchase?the remaining 80% is owned by other buyers participating in this system. This only requires a minimum $200 dollars-per-month payment for 8 years and pays the house price in 96/60 installments. During the 8-year installment plan, they can sell, buy, and sell 20% of the house shares, and the company will find another 20% buyer when a buyer sells their share.

Tootestate's self-developed system helps buyers match buyers from all over the world, a group of 5 people, and 5 people each account for 20% of the house shares. Tootestate's method works in much the same way as a stock market trade: investors will purchase shares of real estate through a broker at Tootestate that matches buyers with other investors looking to sell their shares. "If you're interested in investing your money in this way, there is no need to worry about finding someone willing to part with his or her property; there will be plenty of people looking to get rid of their shares so they can use the money for more lucrative investments elsewhere." According to a company representative.

In addition, the cheapest $100,000 apartment in Dubai is a well-furnished brand new apartment. These properties are available to buy, sell, or rent. The company agent at Tootestate? continues to operate short-term rent for shareholders and can obtain 60% of the monthly income. The shareholder who recommended a friend to buy a house also received 4% of the total house price in cash from the agency as an advertising promotion bonus. The permanent property right is a permanent asset, and buyers can get profits when they buy it.?


About Tootestate?

Tootestate or UAE R E R A, is a leading property agency in Dubai, license number: 983544. Tootestate has introduced a new system called shareholder, which is an alternative way of owning property in Dubai without the traditional freehold system. In this way, an investor can buy and sell shares of real estate within the Tootestate network even if they do not reside in the UAE. And best of all, they can save up to 80% on the total purchase price when they use the shareholder method. Moreover, real estate developers at foot estate are welcome to pay with digital currency! For more information about Tootestate and find available properties in Dubai, please visit


UAE R E R A license number: 983544

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