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MoogleLabs Developed NFT marketplace platform in Wave Blockchain

2024-05-25 09:38:52 Business


MoogleLabs recently developed an NFT marketplace platform in Wave Blockchain using various technologies. The Tech stack used included:

Frontend development: Nuxt.js

Backend Development: Node.js

Blockchain: Waves

Wallet: Keeper Wallet

What the Client Wanted!

We initiated the project at the request of a client who wanted to mint his NFT artwork and make it available on a marketplace where users could buy the NFT with crypto. We recommended the Waves Blockchain for its various benefits, including provisions for trading in crypto and lightweight nodes, among others. After the client?s approval, we started working and developing the NFT marketplace platform in Wave Blockchain.

Essential Features of the Developed NFT Marketplace Platform in Wave Blockchain

The marketplace we created has the option for users to mint their own NFTs on the platform. Another feature of the product includes users having the option to buy and sell NFTs using WAVE or ASIMI. Lastly, there are unique tokens in the marketplace that users can use to buy and sell.

The Project Timeline

The project started on 1st November 2022, taking about 45 days to complete. We did set up timelines for various milestones and adhered to them. It helped us deliver the final product quickly. To complete the project in pre-decided time, MoogleLabs deployed a 4-members team that included two frontend developers, one backend developer, and one blockchain expert.

The Process We Followed:

1. Design PSD

In the initial stage, we made a Photoshop Document.

2. Convert PSD to Vue - NUXT (Front end)

Then, our frontend designers converted the document into nuxt.js.

3. Add Blockchain, Keeper wallet, and Smart contract development in RIDE.

Afterward, our blockchain developer implemented the smart contract to ensure blockchain functionality. Meanwhile, the backend developers worked on the API in node.js. Lastly, we added the Keeper Wallet to handle crypto in the project.

4. Deployment of Smart contract in WAVES Blockchain and Front end.

Finally, we integrated the smart contract of Blockchain with the front end.

About MoogleLabs

MoogleLabs, in essence, has the goal of helping businesses ?Decode Innovation?, and the NFT marketplace development company is only one aspect of it. However, the massive team of blockchain developers, in collaboration with other team members, makes them a one-stop solution for businesses that want to keep their business updated with the latest technological advancements.

Company :-MoogleLabs

User :- Ganesh Verma


Phone :- +1(209) 201-0654

Mobile:- +1(209) 201-0654

Url :-

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