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Award-winning podcast on Spotify 'Shuddh Desi Gay' becomes new face of the Family Insurance Campaign

2024-04-13 12:38:30 Business


4th Jan 2023, New Delhi: The hosts of the award-winning podcast on Spotify ? Shuddh Desi Gay, are the new faces of Future Generali India Insurance Company's LGBTQIA+ insurance campaign.

Taking a huge leap in normalizing same sex relationships, Yogi and Kabeer, a couple based out of Delhi are now seen on Future Generali India Insurance's outdoor hoardings across major cities in India, redefining what family means. The insurer has expanded its definition of 'family' across all its retail health insurance offerings, to include live-in partners, including same-sex partners.

These hoardings with Yogi and Kabeer put a spotlight on what a family truly means. A first in the LGBTQIA+ history of India, queer love is represented, recognized, and included for a critical thing like health insurance.

Sharing their experience, Yogi said, "It is imperative that the LGBTQIA+ community is represented. It is important to recognize people beyond the binary. We come from ordinary middle-class backgrounds and agreeing to put our faces on hoarding as a couple was not an easy decision. Last year, we made our seven-year-old relationship public by hosting a podcast together. Being a part of this campaign is another such step to normalize and represent relationships that do not fit in the gender binary parameters."?

"This journey from hiding behind the mics to outdoor hoardings is both scary and empowering. Scary, because we still live in a society which gets uncomfortable talking about the LGBT+ community, empowering because this move will give hope to many individuals in India," added Kabeer.

Ruchika Malhan Varma, Chief Marketing Officer, Future Generali India Insurance Company Ltd. said, "We are conscious of the challenges faced by the LGBTQIA+ community. We believe the LGBTQIA+ community is of prominence and the individuals from the community deserve the right to avail of similar protection solutions alike any other individual. As insurers, we believe that we have a moral and societal responsibility to provide a level playing field to all sections of the society devoid of their personal preferences."

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