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Vinod Sekhar, Chairman Petra Group, Announces a Young CTO for his New Digital Marketing Department

2024-06-23 02:27:55 Business


Vinod Sekhar Chairman Petra Group, announces a young CTO for its new digital marketing department. Neeresh Dev who was appointed as the youngest CTO has proven time and again that no one is too young for big things with his efforts and achievements. Vinod Sekhar was confident on appointing a young CTO like Neeresh Dev for Petra Group?s new digital marketing department. He has tremendous faith in the young generation, the skill sets they have developed and their achievements to run and operate the business so successfully.

Neeresh Dev is only 27 with extraordinary knowledge in Artificial Intelligence and remarkable talent in creating innovative AI systems. He is a graduate from the highly rated Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, Malaysia. His AI system which is unrevealed yet to the public has done a couple of tremendous jobs to build and fix reputations in single hit compared to their competitors. He has developed his skills to an extent so that he can help a company scale so fast and be successful in no time.

Vinod Sekhar has always advocated social capitalism and believes that concerns related to humanity and business interests should go arm in arm. To ensure that there is sustainable solution to wealth creation and a steady flow of income for all including employees, clients and customers an organization should be run in a way to create profitable ventures. Vinod Sekhar?s vision and mission is the base of Petra Group?s vision that says, ?We strive to provide real and sustainable solutions to address humanity?s most pressing issues, while our businesses play an important role in uplifting communities, leading to stronger societies and sustainable wealth creation?.

Vinod Sekhar is the founder of Vinod Sekhar Foundation. As an example of sustainable growth and support to underprivileged communities, Senior citizens, children and poor people, the foundation has undertaken various initiatives to eliminate poverty and uplift them. As an active supporter of socio-civic economy initiatives he has been Sekhar has been coming up with various donations and charities via his Vinod Sekhar Foundation acts as the Philanthopic partner that owns 80 percent of Petra Group. The Foundation has been donating to various NGOs working for the sole purpose of providing better healthcare, eliminating poverty and providing education that is easily accessible to everyone. They have also been providing means of livelihood to the refugees in their country.

About the Company

PETRA Group strives to build global businesses that provide sustainable solutions to address challenges and real-world problems facing humanity. The businesses within the group thrive on technology and innovation to operate within a solution-centric framework, constantly looking for better ways to improve lives. They have a global presence with operations in more than 9 countries across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

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