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Memory4less Announced Year End Big Discount on PC Memory

2024-06-23 09:23:08 Computer


After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the shopping festival has not ended yet. came up with the exclusive New Year Sale on PC Memory, Server Memory, Desktop Memory, and Laptop Memory. Whether you're looking for a new memory module or an upgrade, we have combined a few of the best deals for you, keeping a wide variety of RAMs and their variations from top brands like Crucial, Dell, EMC, HP, Hitachi, IBM, and more for you to shop at.

How can I find RAM At Low Prices?

RAM is the key upgrade that enhances efficiency, boosts system performance, and simultaneously enables the system to cater to several data-intensive tasks. RAMs have evolved over the years and gotten better and faster with their latest DDR5 generation; although DDR4 has been around for a long time and is considered a viable choice for a majority of PCs, with the release of DDR5 RAM, enterprises, gamers, and other users with requirements of performing intensive tasks are now using adapting to this new technology.

Therefore, The RAMs boost the performance, but it is necessary to ensure that the RAM is compatible with the motherboard to achieve maximum productivity. The compatibility is measured by considering several factors, such as speeds, capacities, form factors, and more. For instance, every motherboard can support certain types of PC memory as they are built with different sockets, such as any of the RAMs, including SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, or DDR5, cannot be used on the same board. Similarly, if we talk about data rates, DDR4 can perform at the speed of 2133 ? 5100 MT/s, whereas the speed of DDR5 usually ranges around 3200 ? 6400 MT/s.

Here's a brief guide that explains the usage of different categories of RAMs,

Server Memory is the volatile memory commonly used in data centers and workstations that deals with complex and intensive workloads. These servers require higher memory modules to be able to operate seamlessly. You can find these server RAMs in top brands such as Hynix and Micron.

Desktop RAM is a volatile memory that stores data temporarily. These memory modules are, however, essential to boost the system's performance. These memory modules are available in several top brands, such as Crucial and Samsung.

Laptop RAM is the cure to slow processing laptops. These memory modules help the system work efficiently, load programs faster, enhance responsiveness, and process data-intensive applications without disruptions. You can find these RAMs in leading brands such as Kingston and Samsung.
Hence, If you're still wondering where to find a wide variety of RAMs for your system that are not only compatible but are also available in high quality? has your back with its extensive range of 100% genuine memory modules for all kinds of systems at much lower prices than ever before.
At, you can find the following variations and more:

Memory category: Server Memory, Laptop Memory, Desktop Memory,

Gaming Memory
Bus type: DDR5-6008MHz, DDR4-3200MHz, DDR4-2666MHz, DDR4-2400MHz, DDR3-1866MHz, DDR3-1066MHz, DDR2-800MHz, DDR2-667MHz


When does the Christmas shopping festival begin?

The shopping festival has not ended just yet! After Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the discount frenzy continues with the Christmas Sale, which offers massive discounts on RAMs, SSDs, HDDs, and many other computer hardware and accessories. To avail of these PC Memory Christmas deals, you can shop from 15th December till 30th December.

Moreover, also gives you the opportunity to shop in bulk at these discounted prices. You can visit in case of any queries or quotes.

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