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Poopshkin and The Christmas Tree music video premiere on YouTube December 9 at 7 am PST

2024-03-03 11:31:14 Art & Entertainment


Santa Monica, CA, December 9, 2022, Poopshkin is back with his second animated music video, Poopshkin and The Christmas Tree. A Spanish version, Poopshkin y el ?rbol de Navidad, will be released simultaneously. The music videos premiere on YouTube December 9 at 7 am PST.

A little blue shovel

The music video is based on the book, Poopshkin and The Christmas Tree, available on Amazon Kindle or paperback and Apple iBooks. The original book?s poetry featured ?a little blue shovel.? Co-Author Rob Nokes wrote additional lyrics to expand upon the concept.

Poopshkin?s Mother shares with him a little blue shovel and a childhood memory of planting a baby tree. They sadly discover that her tree was cut down. She then shares a book of knowledge with him so that he can grow a baby tree. The song features Poopshkin?s friends and family with unique depictions (no spoilers).

The Director, Kristina Nokes, commented, ?The story is about the bond between a mother and her adopted child. Poopshkin is a sweet, kind boy, and this music video is more representative of his character, as seen in his books. His first music video was silly.?

Animation has proven to be more successful for Poopshkin as his first music video; I?m a Poopshkin, currently has 29,461 views on YouTube. Poopshkin is a term of endearment, as heard on the TV show Hogan?s Heroes in the late 1960s.

Poopshkin?s nine books are available on Amazon and Apple for purchase; Hamlet, The Art of Help, Poopshkin in the Crystal Ball, The Land of Knowledge, Life Is About Sharing, The Crutches Did It, Poopshkin and The Sandcastle, Poopshkin and Nobody?s Candy, and Poopshkin and The Christmas Tree.

Poopshkin? is a Trademark of Iraida Henderson, Kristina Nokes, and Rob Nokes.
All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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