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DaveAI was recognized as the Most Effective Voice Assistant App at The Maddies Awards 2022

2023-11-30 01:53:35 Technology


Bangalore, November 24, 2022: DaveAI announced today that it was awarded the Best Digital Avatar based Bot enabling Lead Generation. After several weeks of online screening by The Maddies 2022 selection jury board, DaveAI has been shortlisted and awarded under the category "Most Effective Voice Assistant App" for its deployment of the solution for Maruti Suzuki India Limited.

"Initially, we started working with software that was helping existing salespeople, and now we have moved on. Today, many of the initial discussion of sales is happening through our avatars. Adding a human aspect to automated customer interfaces works. AIs can serve, humans can convince." says Ananthakrishnan Gopal, Chief Technology Ambassador, DaveAI.

"Maruti is the market leader in India and probably has the largest testbed in the country. Working with Maruti provides us with significant scale. We sincerely thank the Selection Jury board for recognising our work and Maruti Suzuki for the faith." says Sriram P H, Co-founder & CEO at DaveAI.

About DaveAI

DaveAI is a full stack Meta ready experience creator platform building the next generation Artificial Intelligence solutions to help businesses drive incremental revenues. DaveAI, through its Virtual Sales Avatar mimics a human sales brain, helps enterprises to create seamless customer product discovery experiences that are both immersive & interactive.

This Virtual Avatar humanizes digital conversations & provides hyper personalized & contextual customer interactions by identifying their needs at different stages of their product discovery journey. With Empathetic AI technology, DaveAI delivers state of the art customer experience that blends Speech & NLP, 3D Visualization, and a Recommendation system at the edge, in real-time.

Company :-DaveAI

User :- Sailaja Das


Mobile:- +91 8981182689

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