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Avtodom Group of Companies is among the leaders of the first Russian ESG rating

2024-03-02 06:11:09 Automotive


RBC and the NKR rating agency published the ESG index of companies for the first time at the end of October. About 500 organizations showed interest in participating in the rating. 115 of them were included in the final list. GK Avtodom is among them.

Environmental and social factors and the level of corporate governance were taken into account in the rating. The participants of the rating were divided into three categories according to the level of compliance with ESG standards: medium, above average and high, depending on the scores scored based on the assessment of companies' performance. There are no low-level groups in the index. All companies comply with environmental, social and governance standards to some extent.

Representatives of the real sector of economy, financial institutions and insurers are among the participants in the index. The structure of the questionnaire took into account industry affiliation. This made it possible to adapt the list of questions to the specifics of the field of activity and ensure the comparability of the obtained ESG estimates from different sectors. The weight of each factor varied depending on the industry.

The theme of sustainable development is one of the main global trends in recent years. Most large Russian companies try to adhere to the fundamental principles of meeting human needs without harming the planet. Reducing energy and water consumption, solving social and demographic problems and much more are related to these principles. The auto business contributes to the development of the ESG business in Russia. This industry is directly related to the safety of people.

?Sustainable development means looking at the long term. We, as backbone enterprises of the Russian economy, focus on the ESG agenda and contribute both to the stable future of our planet and our Autoholding. We started working on this topic not so long ago. However, it is a personal choice for us to conduct business focusing on the environmental and social needs of people, not the requirements of the regulator or foreign partners?, ? Anna Utkina, Communications Director of Avtodom Group of Companies, commented.

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