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Delhi to Host India’s First Conference & Expo Focused on Ecommerce Exports from India

2024-05-25 03:00:05 Events / Trade Shows


New Delhi, October 6, 2022 ? Exports often play a major role in the economic growth of a country. In this digital era, embracing the technology and investing in e-commerce could be instrumental in unlocking India?s export potentials. The fast-paced growth of the ecommerce industry in the country may play a pivotal role in realizing our dream of being a $5 trillion economy.

Beyond any doubt, India moves towards becoming an ecommerce export hub, as Indian ecommerce sellers are fast expanding globally. With an aim to give a global boost to the made-in-India brand value, New Delhi is to host the first annual Ecom India Summit on October 10th and 11th, 2022.

The 2-day conference and expo will host international ecommerce expert speakers, export facilitating organisations, D2C brands, manufacturers, exporters, ecom sellers and service providers and media houses.

The conference will witness brainstorming sessions, where expert speakers from US, UK, Australia and India will present their valuable insights that could pave the path of India?s ecom exports. The Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO) will also be a part of the event and they will elaborate on potentials, lying ahead of Indian ecommerce exporters.

Some of the leading names to mark their presence during the summit, include Amazon Global Selling, Shopify, Carbon6,, Regro Media, SellerApp, KwickMetrics and PingPong Global Payments.

According to Meghla Bhardwaj, Co-Founder of Ecom India Summit, a number of factors are driving ecommerce exports from India, including:
● Marketplaces such as Amazon, facilitating ecommerce exports in a big way
● Growth of innovative Indian D2C brands
● Govt?s push of the manufacturing industry & Atmanirbhar Bharat Programme
● Govt?s focus on international trade & ecommerce
● High demand for made-in-India products globally
● Fast developing payment & logistics infrastructure

Sensing the huge growth opportunity for Indian brands, Co-Founder, Tim Jordan, adds, ?As global ecommerce continues to grow, the opportunities for Indian brands to expand their businesses grow manifold. Whether you are an experienced and large brand or a new seller, Ecom India Summit will provide you with the information and support you need to go global.?

The 2-day summit is going to witness a significant participation from both new and experienced brand and sellers. To know more about the Summit and register their seat, one can visit the website

About Ecom India Summit

Ecom India Summit brings top thought leaders, educators and experts from around the world on a single platform to discuss the growth potentials of the global ecommerce industry. The Summit will offer an opportunity to Indian ecommerce sellers and brands to engage directly with platforms such as Amazon, Etsy and Shopify for their global expansion.

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