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Antenna Experts Launches Naval Shipboard Antenna in India

2022-11-30 06:58:35 Technology


Antenna Experts is one of the reputed manufacturers of antennas in the world. It makes some of the most exceptional products for the clients according to their needs. Recently, the company launched Naval Shipboard Antenna for naval ships and merchant ships. These antennas are used on various ships for communication purposes.
Product launched in the company’s event
An announcement of the launch of the Military Naval Shipboard Antenna was made recently at a company event. At the launch party, the CEO and MD of the company said, “After looking at the problems of communication on ships, we have finally designed Naval Shipboard Discone Antenna. This antenna is mainly designed for different ships.
We have designed this antenna after years of hard work and dedication. It is the hard work of our brilliant team of engineers in making this special product for ships. Our UHF Naval antenna is easy to install on any ship within a few minutes. This antenna is made from heavy-duty materials. It can work in any climatic conditions.”
Specialties of Naval Shipboard Antenna
Explaining the different features of the antenna, the MD said, “Our Shipboard Antenna works in heavy ice storms and harsh weather conditions. It can be used on various types of ships. This antenna is made from rich quality stainless steel.
This antenna gives precise communication from ground to air and vice-versa. It is suitable for ships traveling in large oceans and seas. These antennas include a wide vertical beam width that helps to get clear communication even from a long distance.
We have designed this Naval Shipboard Omni Antenna for ships that find it difficult to communicate from the ocean. Our antenna comes with several features such as rust-resistance, protection from environmental factors, and others.
About Antenna Experts
Antenna Experts is a good name in the field of designing different antennas like the Military Log Periodic Dipole antenna, High Gain TETRA Antenna, Polarized Log Periodic Antenna, and many more. It is a top-notch Naval Shipboard Antenna Manufacturer with an experienced team of technicians and engineers. This company has a good record of designing durable and top-notch antennas for aircraft and other military vehicles.
The company provides only the tested products to the customers. It is a leading Naval Shipboard Antenna Supplier selling products in both national and international markets. It also develops several customized products according to the demands of the customers.
Antenna Experts has a good image because of its high-standard products and timely services.

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