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Bread Financial supports The Nature Conservancy to fund outreach activities promoting environmental and socially responsible clean energy projects in India

2024-03-04 11:50:30 Business


Bread Financial, a tech-forward financial services company offering simple, flexible payment, lending and saving solutions, is championing green energy goals globally. Promoting greater access to clean energy, the company has committed funds worth ?1,995,200 ($25,000) to The Nature Conservancy (TNC), a global environmental organisation dedicated to tackling climate change, and conserving land, water and oceans.
The monetary resources committed by the company will be used to fund outreach activities to promote low impact renewable energy siting and the use of the SiteRight tool in India. Bread Financial is looking forward to working with TNC and supporting the use of its SiteRight tool. The SiteRight tool helps organisations identify locations for solar and wind projects, that are less likely to encounter socio-ecological conflicts, thereby helping complete these projects in a time-bound and cost-effective manner.
As a responsible organisation, Bread Financial sees itself playing a significant role in promoting a greener and cleaner environment and mitigating the adverse impact of burning fossil fuels as an energy source. The donation reinforces Bread Financial?s commitment to protecting planet Earth by combating climate changes through actions that limit the rise of average global temperatures.
Commenting on the company?s move to support TNC?s effort to protect planet Earth from climate adversities and promote a greener environment, Ralph Andretta, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bread Financial, said, ?We recognise the importance of environmental stewardship and the risks that environmental challenges, including climate change, increasingly pose to our business, our associates, our clients, our customers, and the communities we serve.? He added, ?Our funding support to TNC will further add to the positive impact our actions and investments are making, to protect and preserve our planet while also promoting financial wellness.?

Aligning financial wellness with Sustainability goals
A company on a mission to empower the financial wellness of communities, Bread Financial?s sustainability goals align well with the TNC?s efforts to promote nature-friendly economic development by creating jobs for local communities. TNC is looking forward to using funds provided by Bread Financial to create sustainable, eco-friendly economic opportunities.
?This support allows us to continue our mission of protecting the environment at large and promoting sustainable development,? said Dr Annapurna Vancheswaran, Managing Director, TNC-India. ?As a global organisation with presence in over 70 countries we are committed to protecting our planet by promoting a cleaner and greener environment along with sustainable economic development,? added Dr Vancheswaran.
Growing responsibly
Operating out of its India headquarters in Bengaluru since 2018, Bread Financial has ambitious plans of contributing meaningfully to its India growth. A purpose-driven financial services company, Bread Financial is committed to exploring and implementing sustainable practices throughout its business and operations. The company continues to reduce waste by sending it to landfills and consistently reducing its greenhouse gas emissions with the support of a sustainable supply chain.
With the payments and lending space changing rapidly, Bread Financial has evolved into a leader in the competitive payments and lending industry. Currently, Bread Financial has about 800 associates in India, and it plans to increase its headcount in India.
The company recently donned a new look and identity. Providing tech-forward payment, lending and saving solutions, Bread Financial combines the heart and hustle of a fintech,embodying the trust and discipline of a well-established bank.
Notes to Editor:
Formerly known as Alliance Data, the company now called Bread Financial is an S&P MidCap 400 company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, and committed to sustainable business practices powered by its 6,000+ global associates.
The company set up its Bengaluru office in 2018. Bread Financial?s operating model focuses on skill and talent development, integration with global processes and operations, diverse leadership, and unique culture which helps associates grow through the ranks. The company does business with a strong focus on community

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