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CABT Logistics ties up with Mahindra and Mahindra to procure 500 EVs

2024-03-04 07:09:20 Industry


23rd Sept 2022, New Delhi: CABT Logistics, India's leading logistics company ties up with Mahindra and Mahindra, the billion-dollar global enterprise headquartered in India to procure 500 M&M Electric Vehicles. With the current expansion of CABT Logistics with a turnover of INR 120 Cr in FY21, this tie-up is a crucial step in the evolution of both EVs and logistics.

CABT Logistics recently announced to invest $ 8 Million to set up micro-fulfilment centers PAN India. Logistics plays a crucial part in operational optimization, especially for D2C brands. CABT Logistics is currently operating LMD for incumbents like DHL, Maersk, IKEA, Amazon, Flipkart et all with strategic partnerships with more companies on the horizon.

Sustainability has always been of paramount importance to CABT Logistics. Logistics as a sector uses substantial energy and resources. This step in procuring 500 EVs will ensure that the company can strengthen its fleet management while ensuring a greener planet.

CABT Logistics is equipped to help businesses scale up by furnishing orders in a timely and cost-effective fashion. The collaboration will focus on aiding CABT Logistics in scaling up business in the EV model in PAN India. With Right to Service & Maintenance Mahindra and Mahindra has a strong presence PAN India presence which will further aid the deployment of EVs under CABT and help in achieving lesser downtime of the vehicles thus increasing earning potential.

CABT ELEKTRA model is robust in structure with an efficient Battery Pack, the perfect combination that will augment the daily commute in Last mile deliveries. Mahindra and Mahindra will be offering a 5-year warranty on the Battery or 1,50,000 Km whichever is earlier, an offer that no other OEM is providing in the current market.

Shailesh Kumar, founder of CABT Logistics shared, "Sustainability is of paramount importance for us. In cognizance of that, we have been investing heavily in electric vehicles for both first-mile and last-mile deliveries. We are aiming at having at least 2000 EVs by the end of 2022. This tie-up with M&M is in the same vein. This collaboration will not only ensure a strengthened fleet but also help in reducing our and our clients' carbon footprint. It is a huge step towards our continued commitment to sustainability as well."

We are living in the era of digitization and Hyperlocal will be instrumental in capturing a wider audience. Revolutionalising the way we shop, social commerce, especially in the post-crisis world, gave consumers the chance to connect with the brands that resonate with them and then shop for their products. Capturing and understanding this beat perfectly, LMD with EV is a Sustainable, scalable & cost-efficient solution. It is also sustainable and will reduce the carbon footprint as well. With the current heightened Demand and supply issue, Mahindra and Mahindra is well equipped to mitigate the gaps.

About CABT Logistics:

Creativity at Best Technologies - CABT was founded in 2018 with the vision of creating Excellence in the field of Logistics services to endow businesses with the right knowledge and support to scale their operations. A trusted partner in the sphere of warehousing and transport logistics, CABT's logistics platform serves businesses across multiple industrial Sectors like restaurants, pharmacies, online grocers, offline and online retail commerce, local vendor, banks and telecom. They provide a safe, affordable, and stress-free logistic platform.

Diversifying into Warehousing, First Mile, Mid Mile & Last Mile services, CABT has gained a strong foothold in 1640+ cities across India, becoming an intracity logistics powerhouse since its inception in 2018. Aided by its industry-0agnostic nature, CABT is galvanizing the logistics landscape. Their services can be availed with a contextual plug-n-play integration powered by tech APIs & algorithm-driven workflow integrations.

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