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Antenna Experts Launches High Gain DME Antenna

2022-11-30 03:21:03 Technology


Antenna Experts is a leading manufacturer of different kinds of antennas. One of its latest products is DME Antenna. This antenna is recently launched by the company to give better quality signals while communicating from one place to another.
An announcement by the MD of the company
MD of the company made announced the launch of the High Gain DME Antenna at the latest event. MD and CEO of the company said, “We are proud to announce the launch of our new product. Our DME Ground Station Antenna will now make communication easier even in remotest areas.
Our special antenna works in every kind of weather without any special protection. It can withstand even harsh winds and ice storms. These antennas are designed by our specialized team of technicians and engineers. We have also used the best materials in developing these antennas.”
Features of High Gain DME antenna
High Gain DME Antenna is a special kind of antenna with the feature of weather protection. Explaining the different features of the antenna, the MD said, “Our Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) Antenna makes longer distance communication easier at border areas and special zones. We have manufactured these antennas using the best-grade stainless steel that does not rust due to water, sunrays, or dust.
Our antenna is an omnidirectional antenna that offers the best performance. It follows an Omnidirectional horizontal pattern thereby making communication more precise. This antenna can be used in different aircraft. It also reduces interference caused by aircraft.
One of the best features of our DME antenna is that it has easy installation. You can install this DME antenna on any metallic and non-metallic surfaces easily without special tools or equipment. It never rusts or corrodes with constant use, pollutants, and dust.”
About Antenna Experts
Antenna Experts is a top-notch Antenna Manufacturer and supplier in India making various types of antennas like military discone antenna, military log periodic dipole antenna, ILS antenna, FTS antenna, Transponder antenna, ADS-B antenna, and UAT antenna solution. The company has rich experience in developing different kinds of antennas for precise communication in military areas.
It has developed the best High Gain DME Antenna using superior grade materials. An experienced team of Antenna Experts has expertise in making the best products for clients. It designs different kinds of products looking at the needs of every client. The company is a leading High Gain DME Antenna Supplier of various types of antennas. It also makes customized products for different clients according to their demands.

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