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Documentation and Training Kits for BRC Food Issue 9 are Putting Out Soon by Global Manager Group

2024-05-26 06:21:07 Business


The Global Manager Group is involved in preparing and selling of effective documentation and training kits for easy and quick certification of many ISO and management systems. As everyone knows, BRC Food Issue 9 was released on August 1, 2022, and with a few changes from the previous issue 8, new requirements are also included. Global Manager Group has announced that they are working on the BRC documentation and training kits for issue 9 and soon going to launch them on the website

The revision process helps BRC to keep the standard updated with growing regulatory requirements and market demands. Assessments against the revised version of the standard will be required from February 1st, 2023. The BRC global standard for food safety issue 9 contains several significant changes. According to BRCGS, the new issue highlights key subjects to ensure the worldwide applicability of the Standard. Several new clauses have been added to the key areas are like integration of the benchmark requirements of the Global Food Safety Initiative, clear requirements to implement and comply with relevant regulations, along with complete requirements to develop a food safety culture, and an Amendment of the section food safety plan to make even with the Codex Alimentarius aspect Validation. Also, the clear and detailed requirements for outsourced processing, Extending the food defense and food fraud requirements as well as detailed requirements for operational sites manufacturing pet foods for domestic animals and animal feed. A new section with requirements for sites completing an animal primary conversion and re-introduction of the blended declared audit option for recertification consisting of a remote audit, followed by an on-site audit.

The BRC Food Issue 9 Documentation kit will include editable templates for documents like the BRC food safety manual, mandatory procedures, SOPs, exhibits, forms for record-keeping, audit checklists, and more. Like the current version of the BRC issue 8 document kit, the new BRC issue 9 documents will be in readymade templates that can be very easily modified as per requirements.

Similarly, the BRC Issue 9 Awareness & Auditor Training PPT kit is useful to companies who are attempting to train all employees or clients for BRC issue 9 changes, safe food delivery practices, food hygiene training, and implementation of the management system as per BRC global standard for food issue 9. The BRC food issue 9 training ppt kit also will be in editable format, you can save a lot of your precious time while preparing the course materials for in-house training programs. To know more about BRC Issue 9 documentation and the training kit, stay tuned with us, visit here:


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