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OMKITCHEN Has Introduced Corporate Catering Service for Healthy Workforce

2024-06-23 03:42:11 Miscellaneous


Noida, September 2022: To foster a healthy eating environment in the workplace, OMKITCHEN, a social kitchen with the end consumer?s health in mind, has introduced a Corporate Catering service in Delhi and NCR.

As a result of their untiring passion for bringing completely organic, 100% natural and pesticide-free products to discerning health enthusiasts, More Orgo has never stopped inspiring people to lead chemical-free lives by giving them access to carefully sourced organic and high-quality produce. Having these values in mind, as well as being willing to create awareness about healthy eating and drinking habits, More Orgo launched OMKICTHEN in 2019 to deliver organic meals to those who value quality food. Over time OMKICTHEN has gained popularity within the healthy eating people community and has become the symbol of healthy meal providers across Delhi and NCR.

The Coronavirus pandemic has made people more conscious not just about what they eat but also about the ingredients used in the food they eat. As workplaces have begun to reopen in full force, it can be a daunting task for many to eat healthy meals, especially for those who stay away from their homes due to work commitments.

Eating well at work is important as it assists employees in having increased energy, productivity, and lower stress levels, and they tend to take fewer sick days as well. Nutrition is a key factor in maintaining employees? health that most workplaces often forget about which also plays a big role in employees? work performance. Poor nutrition affects negatively and results in irritability, frustration, and impatience.
With the never-ending desire to bring healthy changes into society and to improve office life for everyone, OMKITCHEN has stepped in to offer a corporate catering service which serves 100% pure, organic, and lip-smackingly delicious chemical-free meals for the workforce to function and perform better. They offer genuine home-style organic meals to enable a healthy and happy workforce.

Below are a few benefits of the exemplary corporate catering service offered by OMKITCHEN:

? 100+ delicious recipes bursting with flavours from different states
? Affordable and customisable home-style meal plans (Value, Eco, and Luxury)
? Accessible ? can be ordered online, via delivery partners, or by phone
? Strict organic certification guidelines for farmer and food vendor selection
? Made using fewer spices and oils but rich in taste and nutritional value
? Well-trained staff to meet the workplace requirements
? Safe, hygienic, and seamless delivery

OMKITCHEN Corporate catering service is for those who genuinely care for their employees and strive to create a positive, safe, and healthy environment. Offering healthy food at the office is a great step in creating meaningful change not just in the minds of employees but the community as a whole!
If you wish to be the change and promote a healthy lifestyle at the workplace, call at 8882210294 or visit


OMKITCHEN is a leading provider of chemical-free, natural, and organic home-style meals delivered straight to their customers? doorsteps in Delhi/NCR. With over 100 recipes cooked by a team of professionals who use entirely pure, organic, ingredients.

For Further Enquiries, Contact Us Here:
Pallavi Jha
More Orgo Private Limited
D-108 1st Floor, Sector 2, Noida-201301
Tel: +91- 9999060475 / 8882210294


User :- Pallavi Jha


Phone :-8882210294

Mobile:- 8882210294

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