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AVTODOM Ducati launches seasonal motorcycle storage service

2023-11-29 06:58:21 Automotive


It became easier to organize a comfortable parking for a motorcycle in the off-season. In September, seasonal motorcycle storage services are available for all AVTODOM Ducati customers.

Every motorcyclist pays great attention to the moto parking lot with the onset of cold weather. Some motorcycle owners store them outside during the off-season. However, this is not a good idea. Temperature fluctuations and frost can cause internal malfunctions. Other motorcyclists prefer to leave their motorcycle in an unheated garage. There is one major drawback here too. Condensation appears on the walls of the room and humidity increases during the cold season. This leads to the formation of corrosion on body parts in the future. Many motorcyclists prefer to store their motorcycle in the country during the cold season. Nevertheless, not all country houses are equipped with security systems, so this method is not safety.

Parking in a heated room is one of the most popular and reliable ways to store a motorcycle in season. This service is provided in AVTODOM Ducati from September. The dealership will arrange a safe place to store the motorcycle. Specialists will prepare it for a long downtime, carry out primary diagnostics and wash the motorcycle. The total cost of storing a motorcycle will be 14 940 rubles for 6 months or 2 490 rubles per month.

Everyone will be able to keep the motorcycle in proper technical condition using the services of AVTODOM Ducati since September. Dealership specialists will charge the battery, wash and diagnose tire pressure before the start of the new season. Seasonal service discounts are available for every customer who uses the motorcycle storage service.

«Motorcyclists pay a lot of attention to motorcycle storage during the off-season. It is very important to choose a reliable parking place, as this will help keep the motorcycle in good technical condition and prolong its operation, - said Oleg Romanenko, head of the AVTODOM Ducati dealer network. – Therefore, AVTODOM Ducati has launched a seasonal storage service. I am sure it will be in demand among fans of the Ducati brand. The service specialists will provide the best conditions for storing the motorcycle and then prepare it for the beginning of the season».

AVTODOM is the official dealer of Italian motorcycles Ducati in Moscow. AVTODOM Ducati provides service for motorcycles, new and used. All equipment and spare parts presented in the dealer center fully comply with the technical requirements imposed by the Ducati brand on official dealers. A wide selection of motorcycles is presented in the Ducati showroom. You can use the services of installments, loans or leasing to buy your favorite motorcycle.

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