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Crank | AMETEK partners with OsakaNDS to extend GUI development services & support in Japan

2024-06-19 03:16:30 Design


OTTAWA, September 8, 2022: Crank | AMETEK has partnered with OsakaNDS to extend graphical UI development services and support in Japan.
This partnership will help streamline high-performance GUI development for embedded systems in the region.

OsakaNDS has been focused on advancing embedded system development with automotive devices (MaaS, connected car, ADS), smart appliances, and industrial equipment (including AI & IoT) for embedded system clients for over 40 years.

Further to expand their services, OsakaNDS created Advanced Technology Center in April 2022, providing the products with professional services as a solution provider and differentiating with cutting-edge technology on hardware and software. This partnership will make it easier for embedded devices with seamless integration between reliable hardware and industry-proven GUI development tools. Our flagship, cross-platform embedded GUI framework will give designers the freedom to design without limits and developers the opportunity to focus on business logic and optimization.

"We are really excited to help clients in creating new value with the technology of Crank, which has more than 500 million units worldwide,? said Yutaka Toida, Director, Advanced Technology Center at OsakaNDS. ?As an easy-to-use UI development tool, Storyboard can not only help our customers in their development but with improving the CX - customer experience of their products.? We (OsakaNDS) look to provide customers with high quality and cutting-edge technology and offering Storyboard helps us with creating more value for manufacturers in Japan.?

Storyboard was built to help embedded development teams create modern and intuitive touch screen experiences. Through it, designers and developers can work together collaboratively in an efficient development workflow to ensure UI/UX design elements are preserved while optimizing the application for performance on the target hardware. With Storyboard, teams can accelerate UI development, iterate on design changes more quickly and have maximum UI flexibility across hardware and OS platforms, resulting in unmatched performance and delightful customer experiences on touch devices.

?Today?s customers expect an intuitive touch screen experience; however, delays in development can often compound to a point where the UX gets compromised in their rush to get to market on time,? said Martin Jomphe, General Manager at Crank. ?Together, we?re providing the necessary resources for companies, developers, and UI designers to create touch screen experiences for their embedded products that exceed consumer expectations.?

About OsakaNDS:
OsakaNDS contributes to customer value creation with embedded technology and system integration. OsakaNDS?s Advanced Technology Center, provides products with professional services as the solution provider and makes differentiation with cutting-edge technology on hardware and software.
To learn more, visit (

About Crank | AMETEK:
Crank | AMETEK is a global innovator in embedded GUI solutions that accelerate the design and development of modern UX for tomorrow's IoT devices. Through the Storyboard framework, Crank drives innovation and faster time to market for brands wanting to deliver sophisticated customer experiences and unmatched performance.
With decades of domain expertise, brands such as Coca-Cola, John Deere, and Vorwerk rely on Crank to bridge the gap between UX vision and customer expectations.
To learn more, visit (

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