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Avtodom Group of Companies congratulates schoolchildren on September 1 and reminds parents of the rules for transporting children in cars

2024-03-04 04:15:00 Automotive


Avtodom Group of Companies is pleased to congratulate schoolchildren and kids on the start new school year. We remind you that the beginning of the academic year on September 1 was introduced in Russia back in 1936. However, the official status of the holiday "Day of Knowledge" received only in 1984. Today, September 1, 2022, festive events dedicated to the start of the new academic year are taking place in all Russian schools.

With the beginning of the school year, many children begin to attend various sections and circles more often in addition to classes at school. Therefore, Avtodom Group specialists remind parents that transporting children in cars requires a lot of responsibility.

It is strictly forbidden to carry children in your arms, since the weight of the child increases several times at the time of the collision and it becomes very difficult to keep the young passenger. Car seats and special restraints are designed to carry babies safely. The regulations for the carriage of children in cars establish standards for two age categories: up to 7 years and from 7 to 11 years inclusive.

It is necessary to use the infant carrier marked 0 to transport the child in the first months of his life. The child must lie in it completely horizontally and is held by special belts. The device is installed on the back seat, sideways, perpendicular to the movement of the car. The child must lie with his back to the direction of travel when transported in the front seat.

Children under 7 years old in a car equipped with seat belts or an ISOFIX child restraint system must only be carried using special restraints that are appropriate for the weight and height of the child in both the front and rear seats.

Child restraints or seat belts must be used to carry children between the ages of 7 and 11 in the back seat. The child must be secured in a child restraint when transported in the front seat.

A child seat is not required for children over 12 years of age. However, it is necessary to use the restraint until the young passenger grows up if the student is under 150 cm tall. A child can ride in the front seat without restraints, wearing a seat belt if he is taller than 1.5 m.

?We are happy to congratulate schoolchildren and their parents on the start new school year. However, we want to remind you that ensuring the safety of children when traveling by car is the main task of parents in busy traffic on the roads. We recommend purchasing child car seats and restraints from trusted manufacturers for maximum effect. Come to us with your children if you do not yet have special equipment for transporting babies. You can choose a comfortable car seat that will appeal not only to you, but also to your child. Well-equipped children's areas are available in all our dealerships. There young motorists will be able to have fun while our experts will help you decide on the choice of accessories?, ? said Anna Utkina, Communications director at Avtodom Group of Companies.

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