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AVTODOM BMW Motorrad specialists spoke about the situation on the motorcycle market

2023-11-29 07:00:33 Automotive


Mikhail Razvozzhaev, Sales Director of BMW Motorrad motorcycles of AVTODOM Group, gave an interview for the YouTube channel of motor blogger Ilya Spleen. There he spoke about how things are now in the motorcycle market.

1. The first and most important question: motorcycles have either disappeared or almost disappeared from dealer showrooms. Why did this situation happen?
A wide selection of motorcycles is presented in the showroom AVTODOM.

2. Those motorcycles that remain with dealers cost some very big money compared to the prices that were before, although the ruble has strengthened. Why is this happening?
Pricing is in the hands of importers, not dealers. We buy motorcycles from the importer at the new price +40% of the recommended retail price, so the final cost for customers increases.

3. Everyone is talking about parallel imports now. Does it have something to do with motorcycles? Can you enjoy it?
Unfortunately, so far we are talking about piece deliveries and only through individuals. Do not expect any significant volumes of parallel imports in the near future.

4. Many complain about the situation with spare parts. Some of them disappeared from the market, some rose in price. Do you have the opportunity to import them, as before? And through parallel import?
All service parts are available at BMW Motorrad. There are problems only with coded spare parts. The importer does not supply them.

5. What prevents you from supplying equipment and spare parts through a representative office in Kazakhstan or Armenia? Just supply equipment to dealers either directly or indirectly.
None of the brand headquarters will do this, since there are significant risks of falling under cross-sanctions

6. How did the brand policy change after the start of the special operation? Is the brand interested in staying in Russia?
Most brands are positive and do not announce plans to leave Russia now.

7. As for dealers, they will not be able to survive long without technology. How do they work now? Do they hope for the termination of the special operation and the resumption of supplies?
A stock of new motorcycles, which will definitely last until the end of this season, has been formed at AVTODOM BMW Motorrad. We continue to develop used motorcycle sales and after-sales service under the current conditions.

8. As far as your representation is concerned, how long do you think you will be able to exist in the current conditions?
We have not suspended the work of more than one dealership of our company in 2022. We have no plans to scale down the business for the near future.

9. Has the situation hit employees hard? Have many had to cut salaries or even fired?
We did not fire anyone. We reviewed the Motivation System, but did not worsen it, but adjusted it to new realities. The in come of employees has not decreased.

10. If we imagine that all European, Japanese and American brands leave the market, what will happen in the market in your opinion?
A holy place is never empty.

11. What is your mood in general? Are you confident that you will have to leave or vice versa?
We are always confident in our abilities and are determined to work for the benefit of our customers.

12. If you want, you can say something to readers - convey some of your position or wish something.
We wish all of us good luck))

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