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Avtodom launched a new website as part of a project to create a single omnichannel platform

2024-03-04 07:43:18 Automotive


In August 2022, Avtodom Group announced the launch of a new holding website. The resource was developed using a new technology based on microservice architecture. This allows you to make the movement between different communication channels seamless and provide customers with a unified experience and content both on the site and in the mobile application.

Now the site has a whole cluster of servers instead of one. The failover cluster architecture is deployed on a cloud platform. This guarantees maximum security and processing performance. Improved monitoring and auto-recovery system provides automatic scaling of the platform. This provides a reserve for the growth of visits to sites and mobile applications of Avtodom for several years to come. In addition, a single directory of cars was created in the core of the new site. It contains all information about all vehicles from 1950 and earlier. Designing the site began with building a clear help system. In the future, incoming information about the company's products will always be presented to customers in a clear and readable form. Mediabank was created to create a more complete customer experience. Now it includes about 800,000 images, clustered by groups and properties of cars and spare parts, depending on the type and type up to the angle of rotation.

The minimalistic modern design of the resource is functional. It is designed to remove unnecessary information noise. A clear purpose is for all elements of the site. They are located in certain places. There is enough so that users can immediately distinguish the main from the secondary. Responsive site layout based on Nuxt JS technology allows you to correctly display the content of the website on any device.

?Seamless integration with various ad tracking systems and customer data platform is connected on the site. Such a ?marketing constructor? allows you to collect data from all points of contact between a client and a brand: websites, a mobile application, e-mail, push notifications, call centers, visits, etc. This allows you to build analytics and automatically communicate with people in a personalized way?, - said Yaroslav Mikhailichenko, Head of the e-commerce department of Avtodom Group.

Now the marketing department of Avtodom Group of Companies in close conjunction with the company's IT department is actively developing a new client's personal account. Site visitors will be able to sign up for service online, make an advance payment through Internet acquiring both for the service and when buying a car. The entire history of interaction with the brand, including questionnaires and online surveys designed to improve the quality of service, will be available to customers in their personal account.

?The new site is a fundamentally new platform. It is very fast and well indexed by search engines. Stocks are updated on it quickly. We expect the site to give us a boost in organic traffic in the coming months. This will allow you to save on marketing and classification costs in the end. In our next releases: printing price tags with QR codes, adding car panoramas, diagnostic reports for each vehicle, video reviews and 47 more interesting features and functionality, which we will talk about later?, - Oleg Kuznetsov, Marketing Director of Avtodom Group, shared the plans.

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