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New services for customers are now available in AVTODOM BMW

2023-09-25 10:57:16 Automotive


Starting August 1, AVTODOM BMW launches new areas of customer service - the purchase, selection and delivery of cars and motorcycles.

AVTODOM BMW expands the range of available services for customers. At present, a program for the selection of cars and motorcycles at the buyers’ request is implemented. From August 1, AVTODOM BMW customers are able to order equipment from the dealer according to their individual preferences. Dealer center specialists will select any vehicle or bike at the request of the client, carry out technical diagnostics and prepare them for delivery.

Another available service is the purchase of cars and motorcycles. Specialists of AVTODOM BMW dealerships will purchase a used car or bike from a client, perform a full diagnostics and repair. BMW AVTODOM specializes in the maintenance and repair of cars and motorcycles and has a staff of qualified service employees, so preparing equipment for sale in perfect condition will not be a problem.

Another offer for the customers of AVTODOM BMW is the delivery of a car or motorcycle. The company's managers will take on all customs, legal and brokerage obligations and will order and deliver the desired car or bike to the dealership.

The main advantages of the new services for clients are in the legal of the transaction. In addition, by contacting an official dealer, you can get an official guarantee for a car or motorcycle, as well as high-quality service performed by experienced employees using certified equipment. In the dealerships of AVTODOM BMW, you can apply for an OSAGO and hull insurance policy, as well as purchase additional financial products.

Company :-AVTODOM

User :- Tatiana


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