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Volopay partners with companies worldwide to offer clients the best digital solutions

2022-10-01 09:19:05 Business


India, 17th August, 2022: Volopay, a Y-Combinator-backed corporate cards, and payable management company, is partnering up with other companies who share the same vision to make businesses reach their full potential. They have joined hands with various global businesses, including Canva, Mailmodo, Exotel, Zendesk, Airmeet, either in the form of rewards programs, integrations or collaborative event-based brand awareness.

The collaborative partnerships offer rewards to Volopay users who also intend to sign up with their partner companies’ products. For instance, many of their partners offer to waive fees, sign-up discounts, credits, and coupons to Volopay users who use their product, as well. Meanwhile, other partners offer Volopay users an exclusive access to their product suites. Recently, Volopay also partnered with Plum and Freshworks.

Commenting on the partnerships, Mr. Rajith Shaji, Co-founder & CEO, Volopay, said, “In order to create the most streamlined work ecosystem, it’s important to have a full-stack that works in tandem. Volopay is one part of running a business. There are other areas that also need to be optimized for finance to run smoothly – and these areas are handled phenomenally by our partners. We’re aiming to work together to bring better products, rewards, and user experiences for all our clients.”

Through the association with Canva, Volopay users get a chance to access coupons for 3 Months of Canva Pro - the premium plan, with extended functionality and access to millions of images, graphics, vectors, videos, audio, and templates from the Canva library.

Also, via a partnership with Mailmodo, Volopay customers will be able to get 50% off on Mailmodo’s plans, or additional 20% email credits. Mailmodo and Volopay, together, bring their users a heightened level of accuracy in their email campaign delivery and conversions, at a fraction of the cost.

Upon partnering with Zendesk, the brand has extended its services such as software for the sales teams, and service teams, as well as their Sunshine Platform and Employee Experience to Volopay’s clients. Volopay users can now set up their Zendesk accounts and avail 6 months free on the Zendesk Startup Program Benefits.

Additionally, Volopay’s partnership with Airmeet gives its clients a chance to utilize Airmeet’s services with a significant discount on all their annual plans (15% off). Volopay’s clients can, thus, use Airmeet in order to host intuitive and interactive experiences for their customers.

Volopay has also been actively engaging with companies for event-led brand awareness as well. These events include leaders and experts in the industry engaging in the discourse surrounding the finance world, along with ideation and discussion about financial evolution. Other events Volopay has participated in include round-tables, panel discussions, as well as community-driven events for the general welfare of the finance ecosystem.

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