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Jumac Is Participating In CAITME 2022, Uzbekistan

2024-02-23 01:24:13 Business


The 14th edition of the Central Asian International Textile Machinery Exhibition (CAITME 2022) is all set to be held from the 7th to the 9th of September this year, at the Uz Expocentre in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Billed as the largest business event of its type in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) region, the upcoming edition of CAITME is expected to draw in well over 4000 corporate visitors and 100+ exhibiting companies, hailing from more than 12 countries. As pioneers of sliver handling and spinning can technology, and a regular at the biggest textile sector events across the globe, Jumac Cans is also gearing up to take part in CAITME 2022. Here's a snapshot of what's expected from Jumac's participation in the event:

Opportunity To Connect With A Wide Pool Of Targeted Visitors

Last year, around 95% of the exhibitors at CAITME expressed their satisfaction with their participation at the event. The biggest reason behind this was the ample scope to connect with a large number of potential buyers from all over the world. At CAITME 2022, Jumac is looking forward to meet and greet many visitors at its stall, showcase the latest sliver handling technologies to them, and take engagements to the next level.

A Comprehensive Range Of Spinning Can & Related Products Will Be Showcased

Jumac has always looked to expand its portfolio, in its bid to make material handling for the textile industry consistently more efficient and effective. CAITME 2022 will serve as an excellent platform to exhibit the company?s entire range of HDPE spinning cans (manufactured in-house), along with other key accessories like springs, caster wheels, top rims & bands, and others. On average, 75% of CAITME participants take important purchase decisions immediately after the event - enhancing the importance of such detailed product demonstrations.

The Networking Opportunities Will Be Top-Notch

A large chunk of the visitors at the CAITME event hold leadership positions and/or are decision-makers. At this year?s edition of the event, the Jumac team will get the chance to network with senior professionals from this sector, forge mutually beneficial business partnerships, and build stronger relationships with existing agents, dealers, customers and other stakeholders. From live demos and masterclasses, to informative presentations, workshops and more - the special sessions will add further value to the event. Seamless information transfer will be facilitated - helping all spinning can manufacturers, including Jumac, to gauge the latest market trends in Uzbekistan, receive valuable opinions and feedback from visitors, gather information on the dealership/distribution and procurement networks. The team is expecting heavy footfall figures at the Jumac stall on all the three days of the event.

The Chance To Get A Strong Foothold In The Uzbek Market

Often referred to as the ?land of white gold?, Uzbekistan has one of the fastest-growing cotton textile and apparel sectors in Central Asia (the sector currently has more than 7000 enterprises). By participating in the upcoming CAITME event, Jumac will get that elusive opportunity to connect with the top professionals from the entire CIS region under one roof. There will be interactive sessions and discussions - through which the company will be looking to highlight the USPs and the key advantages of the Jumac spinning cans & accessories. Brand recognition and brand recall values will go up, as a direct result.

A Valuable Source Of Information

Organised by Iteca Exhibitions, CAITME 2022 will also serve as a source of authentic and first-hand information about all facets of the global textile industry. The Jumac team is also geared up to know more about the latest innovations, sliver handling technologies, processes and breakthroughs related to this sector. There would be chances to get familiar with cutting-edge machine engineering and manufacturing techniques as well. As a company, Jumac has an unwavering focus to make sliver management smarter - and participation in CAITME 2022 will certainly help the company pick up valuable pointers.

Showcasing The Latest Additions In The Jumac Portfolio

To ease material handling in spinning mills, Jumac Cans has recently launched a series of trolleys (perforated and non-perforated), made of stainless steel and aluminium. At this year?s CAITME event, the company is set to showcase these trolley cans - and explain how they make processes like sliver transportation, auto-doffing, steaming, laundry washing & more a lot smoother, easier and efficient. Connecting with interested buyers will be fairly straightforward too.

Having started its journey with jute textiles, Jumac has come full circle with its operations - with its exclusive range of jute spinning cans and baxter flyers. These will be exhibited at the event too. The company is quietly confident of its jute cans and trolleys getting encouraging responses at CAITME 2022.
Established in 1974, Jumac Cans is currently ranked among the top manufacturers and exporters of HDPE spinning cans and related accessories.

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