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Taiwan Excellence to Bring Key Automation Solutions at Automation Expo 2022

2024-07-19 03:08:44 Events / Trade Shows


Mumbai, 10th August 2022: Automation stands for the technique that uses various technologies to build a system that works independently or with little human intervention.

The human input is reduced by embodying predeterminations, like sub-process relationships, decision criteria and related actions, in machines. The main aim of automation is to cut down human efforts and deploy machines for all sorts of tasks while enhancing efficiency and escalating progress.

Technology-led automation has seeped its way deep into most heavy industry manufacturing and factories, and it?s so embedded that more than often we fail to recognize its presence.

To celebrate the application of ?Automation? and present the most innovative technologies from Taiwan, for the first time, Taiwan Excellence will set up a physical pavilion in ?Automation Expo 2022?, which is India?s biggest and Asia?s 2nd largest exhibition for the automation industry.

Automation Expo offers a podium to showcase the latest innovations in the field of smart manufacturing, such as IIoT, robotics, etc, and provides an array of opportunities for exhibitors to display their unique machines laced with the most up-to-date technologies.

The pavilion will be set up in Hall 1, Booth I-13 from August 16 till August 19 and will showcase latest products from five iconic Taiwan Excellence brands, including Advantech, GMT Global, HIWIN, TOYO and Techman Robot. These companies will showcase some of their latest products and solutions like Cobot, Articulated Robot, Strain Wave Gear, Desktop Robot, High Rigidity Tiny Cylinder, Electric Cylinder, Two Fingers Electric Gripper, Embedded Computing System, Fanless Embedded Box PCs and All-in-One Touch Computers & Kiosks.

In addition to this, there will be a product launch session on the first day ? ?The Future of Automation is Here?. It is also expected to remain as one of the most awaited events of this year?s expo. Along with the launch of new products, the session will throw light on how Taiwan?s automation industry helps you build high efficiency, high flexibility, and high rigidity product lines at reasonable costs. The session will take place on August 16, from 3pm at NESCO Grande, Opp. Hall No. 1.

Last year, the automation expo took place virtually and Taiwan Excellence had brought five Taiwanese automation companies to the Expo Connect. This year, however, the excitement among the tech-savvy consumers is much higher as they will get a chance to visit the pavilion physically and witness some of the most amazing technologies.

Taiwan Excellence was established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1993. Taiwan Excellence, as a brand, is synonymous to ?Everyday Excellence?, it works towards the development of innovative products that can simplify the everyday life and chores of millions of people by offering them technology-based solutions.

Taiwan Excellence endorses the most innovative and high-quality products from Taiwan and aims to make these products accessible for the world. It is closely interlinked with international markets and partners with outstanding enterprises. Taiwan Excellence?s core aim is to put forth the competitive advantage Taiwan Excellence products have in terms of ? Advanced Technology, Better Quality, Value for Money and Value of Better Quality of Life.

To obtain Taiwan Excellence quality certification, brands are subjected to a rigorous and stringent selection system covering four major aspects ? R&D, Design, Quality and Marketing, along with sufficing the key criterion of being ?Made in Taiwan?.

Company :-Carmine Communications

User :- Nabanita Guha


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