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Tricia Brouk Big Talk Academy Starts This September

2024-05-26 12:15:24 Business


The Big Talk Academy is a signature program for participants to learn how to communicate, speak and lead at a world-class level. This program will start soon. Enroll now to receive big bonuses!

The Big Talk by Tricia Brouk has announced its 12-week virtual intensive and certification program this September. The Big Talk Academy provides professional guidance, extensive mentorship, feedback, and a playground for testing student?s work?and a unique, proven approach that builds student talk one step at a time. It's an intensive mentorship program that will not only prepare students to deliver in-depth content knowledge about the topic but also give the student the tools and experience to become a public speaker and thought leader.?

Tricia Brouk Talk Academy is for anyone who wants to have his or her voice heard on any subject: the professional with expertise in a topic area looking to add speaking gigs to their resume, the expert who wants to take their message global, or even the individual who just wants to find their voice and learn how to speak up when it matters most. It is also designed for those who want to create visible thought leadership through their writing. The program combines evidence-based research on communication effectiveness with proven coaching methodology to teach the students how to write, speak and lead at a world-class level so that they can create a global impact.

Each Big Talk Signature Program features:

  • Bi-Weekly mentorship sessions with Tricia, an experienced professional, via zoom video conference

  • Group coaching sessions led by expert facilitators

  • Advice from other members about how to strengthen your talk each week via the Facebook group

  • Feedback from a panel of experts who will help you hone your talk each week

  • A creative community of like-minded people who are working toward similar goals?you'll feel encouraged and supported by others.

  • and much more.

"It's an intensive, hands-on experience where you'll learn the art of giving great speeches and presentations by engaging in the process with mentors who have been there and done that. You'll get expert help writing your speech or presentation and perfecting it to meet your goals. The process pushes you to become bolder, clearer, more compelling?and more comfortable in front of a live audience." Said one of the participants. She added, "Graduates are awarded a Certificate of Completion from The Big Talk Academy and an Award of Excellence from Tricia Brouk."

About Tricia Brouk

Tapping into her vast network and years of experience, Tricia Brouk has assembled an award-winning team of thought leaders and industry experts who will help you find your voice and speak with confidence. Tricia is a constant innovator in the world of public speaking, where she teaches directing skills to presenters, including TED speakers, CEOs, and celebrities. Tricia has been called "the most influential person in American business communication" by Forbes Magazine and "the best talk coach in America" by the Wall Street Journal. For more information about Tricia Brouk Big Talk Academy, please visit


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