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MASTERMOVE Recognized As the Leading Logistics Company in Chennai

2024-04-22 09:34:51 Business


Nungambakkam, Chennai ( forpressrelease) August 5, 2022 - With over five years of experience, MASTERMOVE, one of the qualified logistics companies in Chennai, India, has been offering a wide range of services to their clients, but what sets them apart is their commitment to customer satisfaction. Their logistics service solutions will help your company reduce your operational costs whereas improving your customer relations. They ensure they meet or exceed their client's expectations at all times. MASTERMOVE has consistently explored various ways to provide reliable services. Especially, they are experts in full truckload services. They offer a complete FTL solution with reduced transit time.

When asked about their full truck load service, the spokesperson of MASTERMOVE replied, "MASTERMOVE is a leading freight forwarding company in Chennai that offers the best FTL solution. It is a trusted name in the field of Domestic Freight Forwarding. With the hybrid operating model, we reduce the transit time and ensure on-time delivery."

MASTERMOVE provide the most reliable full truckload solution that ensures on-time delivery. And, with the blend of cutting-edge technology and load securing devices, they ensure minimal damage. In addition to that, their smart road-transportation, full-truck load-solution provides greater monitoring and visibility of cargo. Most importantly, with their own fleet and trained drivers, they ensure better safety of goods.

"MASTERMOVE is the right solution service provider for your pan India despatch. Now, MASTERMOVE has gained agility and scale quickly by taking advantage of RIVIGO's innovative logistics services and domestic transportation network. Yes, MASTERMOVE is an authorized network partner of RIVIGO! So, if people need transport services like Chennai to Delhi transport or Chennai to Kolkata transport, contact MASTERMOVE, the Network partner of Rivigo, a reliable and experienced logistics partner, to add value to every step of the transportation process. We offer almost all services that fall under the umbrella term Pan India "concluded the spokesperson of MASTERMOVE.


MASTERMOVE is a qualified logistics company in Chennai that offers almost all services that fall under the umbrella term Pan India. To learn more, visit

Contact Details:
Contact Name:Sachin M Rajpurohit
Door No.32/62, Ground Floor,
Veera Bhathran Street,
Nungambakkam, Chennai,
Tamilnadu, India, 600034
Phone Number:044 43579138
Email ID:


User :- Sachin M Rajpurohit


Phone :-044 43579138

Url :-

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