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Agnito Launches A New Company ‘Agnito DMCC’

2024-04-24 03:01:42 Business


Dubai, UAE / August 4th, 2022: Agnito Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of its new company Agnito DMCC in Dubai. Our new launch is a blockchain-based company that works with the most significant blockchain technologies and crypto assets in the industry.

Agnito DMCC has a team of talented professionals with expertise in blockchain who aim to bring positive changes in this fastest-growing market. For which, we are continuously putting efforts to build trust across the several sectors of the blockchain ecosystem and maintain transparency, flexibility, and accountability throughout it.

Agnito DMCC is also working on bringing endless possibilities while aiming to provide the highest level of security to our investors and customers connected with us. In the years to come, we understand that the demand for digital identities, security over digital platforms, and third generation of web technologies i.e Web 3.0 will expand this market size further.

Thus, our efforts and goals are aligned with the technology to achieve sustainable growth whilst fulfilling the market?s needs. Agnito DMCC aims to achieve these goals while being in the ambient of its parent company i.e. Agnito Technologies.

About Agnito Technologies
Agnito Technologies is a software developing company specialized in web and mobile app development. We have infrastructures spread across the world in three different regions- New Castle, Delaware, USA; London, UK; Indore, India and Dubai with a headquarter in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India.
We provide a range of services to several industries such as blockchain, iGaming, e-commerce, healthcare, and app developments. Our experience speaks for us and our clients vouch for it.

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Company :-Agnito Technologies Pvt Ltd

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