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Author Bruce Rougraff Releases Third Novel of The Gasparilla Curse Trilogy: Hurricane

2024-05-27 08:10:16 Art & Entertainment


Indianapolis, Ind. ? Author Bruce Rougraff announces the much-awaited release of the third and final novel of The Gasparilla Curse Trilogy: Hurricane! The young adult series has captured the hearts of middle school readers with its delightfully exciting and gripping plots. It narrates the story of 10-year-old Tommy as he uncovers an ancient, cursed coin from the mythical pirate Jose Gasparilla.

The first book of the series, Doubloon!, introduced readers to an intriguing journey as Tommy unearths the coin while on the beach with his family on vacation. This is when he begins searching for the truth and the meaning of its treasure. Tarpon!, the second of the trilogy, takes Tommy back to Florida on a fishing trip with his family, where he is captured by Gasparilla. The pirate threatens Tommy to return the ancient coin to a buried treasure chest to end the curse and go back home. In this newly released final chapter, Hurricane!, Tommy faces unexpected obstacles that take him on another riveting adventure.

After realizing the full impact of the cursed Gasparilla coin, Tommy plans to return it and end the curse forever. Troubles begin when he finds out that the coin is missing. His brothers, sister and neighbor Ed join in to help him recover it. However, finding the coin becomes a journey riddled with danger and unanticipated twists with ruthless criminals, modern-day pirates, swindlers and skeptics who stand in Tommy?s way at every turn. To make matters worse, the world has changed since he first met Captain Gasparilla. Now the team must survive hurricanes, overwhelming odds and especially self-doubt to end the Gasparilla Curse once and for all.

?Having received an overwhelming response for the first two books of The Gasparilla Curse Trilogy, I am excited to release Hurricane! as the final novel of the series,? says Rougraff. ?It is packed with mysteries and exciting adventure as Tommy and his family race against time and nature?s wrath to recover the pirate coin, return it to its rightful place and free themselves from the curse forever. This long-awaited finale is guaranteed to keep young readers at the edge of their seats.?

Hurricane! is available in hardcover, paperback and eBook formats and can be purchased online through SDP Publishing, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other retailers.

About the Author: Bruce Rougraff is a natural storyteller with a passion and gift for writing stories for young adult readers. Originally from Texas, Bruce spent every weekend on Galveston Island, digging for treasures in the sand. His stories reflect his desire to make reading an adventure for young readers. Bruce lives in Indianapolis with his wife. They have four grown children and two grandchildren.

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