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BestDoc plans to expand its presence across Tamil Nadu

2023-10-02 07:15:05 Health and Fitness


Chennai, India: BestDoc, an end-to-end patient experience and engagement solutions provider for healthcare providers in India, plans to expand its presence across Tamil Nadu. BestDoc aims to add 50 new hospital units as clients as part of expanding its presence in the state.

Being the health capital of India, the state has one of the largest organized health ecosystems with more than 60+ NABH accredited hospitals. As with any mature health ecosystem, patients continue to demand digital experiences and providers are looking for new ways to keep their patients engaged throughout the care journey.

Funded by Accel and Arkam Ventures in a pre-series A round, BestDoc sees a significant opportunity to strengthen its presence in the Tamil Nadu region. Specifically, the company wants to focus on Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Salem, Vellore, and Trichy as these cities have a high concentration of healthcare providers. BestDoc’s existing clients in the region include reputed names like Kauvery Hospital and Royal Care hospital, Coimbatore and Sri Ramakrishna Coimbatore and GEM Hospital, Coimbatore.

The company’s flagship product, BestDoc Concierge, is also available in Tamil language, making it easier for patients in the region to place requests and for administrators to improve the efficiency of their operations. The company also wants to leverage the NABH-friendliness of its solutions to help both accredited hospitals as well those seeking accreditation with their compliance requirements. With hospital occupancy levels reaching pre-pandemic levels and also medical tourism coming back on track, BestDoc feels this is the right time to expand its foothold in Tamil Nadu.

BestDoc’s range of patient experience and engagement technology solutions support smooth user experiences across all phases of the patient journey, from scheduling appointments to discharge from the hospital. Around 4 million patients have benefited from the company\'s end-to-end patient experience and engagement solutions. The goal of the company is to positively impact 12 million patients across India by the end of FY\'23. Today, BestDoc’s solutions are preferred and used to monitor and enhance patient experience by more than 50 NABH-accredited hospitals across the country.

Co-Founders Afsal Salu and Fayaz Bin Abdu spotted an opportunity in the market – a fragmented patient experience in hospitals. The challenges were twofold:

● 65% of patient complaints are non-clinical in nature
● Most existing solutions focused primarily on helping doctors and healthcare administrators, ignoring patients completely. Those who focused on the patients failed to understand that the journey of the patient extends beyond the walls of healthcare facilities
There was an urgent need for a solution that delights and engages patients at all stages of their care, including pre-care, point-of-care, and post-care. This is where the founders spotted an opportunity to improve the experience with technology.

BestDoc helps in extending the HIS’s patient experience capabilities and can also work in non-integrated fashion so that solutions can be implemented quickly.

Viswanath D, Manager - Information Technology, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, SNR Sons Charitable Trust, Coimbatore said “Being known for its patient-centricity, both among domestic and international patients, SRH is always looking for cutting-edge solutions to increase patient satisfaction. Patients’ feedback is one of the core important factors for a healthcare organisation. BestDoc helps us a lot in terms of understanding the direct insights into what is good and what needs further improvement. We’ve been using BestDoc’s solutions for nearly 3.5 years and have found BestDoc to be well suited for all healthcare verticals. BestDoc will listen and help you with your requirements in terms of customizations. If you ask me to rate it, then definitely it will be 5 stars for sure.”

Afsal Salu – CEO & Co-Founder, BestDoc said “Tamil Nadu has always been a strategic market for BestDoc. One of our early adopters came from this state in early 2019, and our existing partners in the region are already seeing substantial value from our solutions. With the post-pandemic recovery in medical tourism and Tamil Nadu’s strong leadership in this area, BestDoc is well placed to help providers in this region offer a world-class patient experience. Specifically, BestDoc Concierge, our mobile-phone-based IP request management solution, can be a significant differentiator, given the state’s dominant position in mobile subscriptions.


BestDoc\'s omni-channel, modular patient experience and engagement solutions enable seamless interactions between patients, doctors, and hospital staff. The OP & IP experience solutions offered by the company are successfully used in medical facilities of all sizes, providing patients and healthcare providers with a truly digital experience.

Company :-Review Media

User :- Payal Dasgupta


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