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Marengo Asia Healthcare pledges to plant 50,000 trees as a commitment to the environment

2024-07-14 06:23:15 Environment


Ahmedabad, Gujarat, 28th July 2022: Marengo Asia Healthcare hospitals with a network of three hospitals of 1300 beds, pledges a tree planting drive that will witness 50,000 trees planted in the cities where a Marengo Asia Hospital is located to create an impact in society.This isa unique eco-friendly approach of launching a sapling plantation drive to contribute to an alignment of the UN SDG 15, the goals of which are towards climate change. This initiative is adopted by Marengo CIMS Hospital and was kicked off today. The event witnessed the presence of Shri Jigneshbhai Patel, Director Parks, AMC Ahmedabad, Shri Dineshbhai Desai, President MaldhariSena, Gujarat, Mr Daxesh Patel, PrakrutiParivar, Sola, as Guests of Honour along with Dr Keyur Parikh,Chairman MarengoCIMS, Dr Raajiv Singhal, Managing Director & Group CEO, Marengo Asia Healthcare,and other members from the management team.A similar activity has been carried out at Marengo QRG Hospital, Delhi NCR and K K Patel Hospital Bhujas well.

The commitment of Marengo Asia Healthcare as a responsible ESG aligned healthcare provider is towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals 15 that says, ?Protect, restore and promotesustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss.? The SDG?s are a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for every being on Earth. As part of the UN SDG, Marengo CIMS Hospital is creating awareness to elaborate on how we all can impact the climate change.

Trees are known to benefit people living around green areas. Plants contribute to a positive impact on the physical and mental health and well-being of people. Greenery encourages exercising in people, sports of some kind that contribute significantly to reducing stress and giving an upliftment to their moods. Improved quality in environment with more trees planted and the cleaner air are additional benefits the society receives from these kinds of initiatives.

Dr Raajiv Singhal, Managing Director & CEO, Marengo Asia Healthcare said, ?Trees promote health and social well-being by removing air pollution, reducing stress, encouraging physical activity, and promoting social ties and community. Tree planting has been the call of the recent times, and today, the idea is growing strong as awareness on how trees can protect and save lives has invaded minds, young and old. Research studies reveal that we need to plant 4 billion trees every year for the next 10 years to be able to sustain healthy lives on the planet. Today, Marengo CIMS Hospital has reiterated its commitment to create a healthier society by saving the environment with this tree planting drive making this initiative a unique way of pledging good health all around. We are thankful to each and every one for extending us their support to make this successful towards health and wellness of the society.?

Dr Keyur Parikh, Chairman, Marengo CIMS says, ? As a part of our commitment to environment and being socially responsible, Marengo CIMS has initiated the tree plantation drive. Our endeavour is to contribute as much as we can to the environment trying to impact good health through cleaner air.?

The loss of forests has an immeasurable effect on the health factor on this planet. Trees act as the lungs of the planet, absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere, retaining carbon and releasing oxygen. A human being emits an average of 9 tons of CO2 per year, and a single tree is capable of cleaning up to 250 Kg of this CO2 during its lifespan. Every tree destroyed leads to more CO2 emission and destruction of one of our greatest allies in the fight against climate change.

User :- Gopal Modi


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