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Bangalore-based school Tapas brings to fore innovative methods of education for K-12 students

2024-06-13 12:27:44 Education


Tapas, an innovative school based in Banashankari, Bangalore is redefining the standards when it comes to K-12 education in India. Tapas was founded by Miss Preethi Vickram, an educationist with more than 2 decades of experience running businesses in the space of education, leadership mentoring, and training. Tapas was founded with the aim of bridging the gap between theoretical learning in schools and its practical real-world applications. Having run preschools successfully over the last 2 decades, the founders of Tapas always felt a disconnect between the modern methodologies used in preschools and the conventional methods of teaching in primary and secondary schools. Conventional education has always tended to focus on memory building as opposed to a practical understanding of concepts and skill-building amongst learners. That methodology isn't enough to prepare children for the future. It?s important that children know ?how to learn? and not focus on ?what to learn?.

Tapas has brought to the fore ?learning through doing?. It?s a teaching and learning methodology that focuses on building real-world skills amongst learners as opposed to simply memorising concepts to be regurgitated in ?exams?. Tapas School takes learning beyond the textbooks and the 4 walls of the classrooms. Tapas ensures that students always have learning opportunities in each activity done in school, and the classrooms are structured to encourage open play and learning. Worldwide, this has been proven to be the most effective way to build up today?s students to be able to demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills - skills that are going to be essential for the global citizens of tomorrow.

?Conventional education just isn't future-proof and does not suffice in this VUCA world. Today?s children need more hands-on learning when compared to us?, said Miss Preethi Vickram. ?In the era of memes and diminishing attention spans, the education system today is fighting a battle to stay relevant. The need of the hour is personalised curriculum mapping for each student. Learning through active participation in projects lets students connect to the world beyond the classroom - something traditional methodologies of teaching do not. This problem was what inspired me to set up a 100% Project-Based Learning School to ensure holistic education for children from 1 to 12.?

Admissions are open at Tapas School for students from the ages of 5 to 10 currently. Tapas also will be introducing early childhood education in the coming academic year. To know more about the school, visit or call +91 9731601333.

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