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Sixteen year old girl, Aparna Hanjon from India, has published her another poetry book.

2023-09-25 07:31:38 Art & Entertainment


Aparna Hanjon is a sixteen year old girl from India who was the author of "The theif and the woman" and "Imagination of a poet", has recently published her another poetry book, "Life Beyond Reality".
This book is about how life would be on the earth for every living being if our basic necessities would be extinct through poems.
About the author: Aparna Hanjon is a sixteen year old girl born and raised in New Delhi, India. She is an artist, blogger and author of "The theif and the woman", "Imagination of a poet" and "Life Beyond Reality". Her inspirational quotes are the best pick to understand life beyond reality. She love to express her voice through blogs, poems and short story. She is continuing her studies and wish to write another book.

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