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Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya will soon launch Success Centres in Bihar

2024-06-14 02:47:09 Education


Patna, July 13, 2022: The new normalcy of education has made Infinity Learn backed by Sri Chaitanya, Asia?s Largest Education Group to expand the definition of the ?right to education? and addresses the new needs of seamless connectivity and easy access to Quality and result oriented Education. A company obsessed with learner outcomes and focus on measuring whether the student has gotten the skills that it teaches or not- Bachcha Seekha ki Nahin? - Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya, is now poised to make remarkable education inroads in Bihar.

The company will be organising the largest career counselling seminar on August 6th, at Bapu Sabhagaar that will see thousands of JEE and NEET aspirants congregating at one place. The students who will be participating are also going to take the largest scholarship tests to be conducted in the coming days.

?With a strong and demonstrated legacy of more than 36 years in the field of education, Sri Chaitanya has continued to help students secure top ranks year on year (even during the unprecedented pandemic times). We are of the firm belief that Our presence in Bihar, beginning with establishing our Success Centres in Patna and surrounding areas will play an active role in building a glorious foundation for learners in Bihar who are seeking Quality and affordable education and crack competitive exams such as JEE, NEET. Thus, intending to make Bihar the New hub of Education.? Said Ujjwal Singh, President & CEO, Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya.

Bihar has witnessed a significant amount of brain drain in last 2-3 decades, and the craving for higher education among the general learning population of Bihar has led to a migration of the student community from the state to other parts of India. This, in turn, has led to a "flooding" of students to seek educational opportunities in other regions, such as Kota, New Delhi, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, for graduate-level college education and others.

Especially, during the first wave of the pandemic, a large number of students from Bihar and Eastern UP were unfortunately stranded in Kota, Rajasthan and had to return home with their dreams left unfulfilled, I.e., without completing their education, or cracking the NEET or JEE exams or not performing in these exams to their fullest potential. On the other hand, Sri Chaitanya has worked relentlessly to ensure that the learning and success of our learners is not compromised in any manner even during such tough and unprecedented times.

Continuing its saga, Infinity Learn by Sri Chaitanya now wants to bring its nuances and know-how and teach learners and succeed in their aspirations. The company now aims at fulfilling the dreams of learners in Bihar and Eastern UP by providing quality and affordable education. This means that Learners seeking quality Education and aspire to become Engineers and Doctors now no need to migrate elsewhere and study right here in Bihar.

About Infinity Learn

Infinity Learn is one of the fastest-growing EdTech companies in India. Led by people with the purpose to become global leaders in the digital learning arena has achieved one million-plus registered users and 100K+ paid users on the platform in a span of 8 months since our commercial launch. We have solved over 100K+ doubts so far through our Doubts 24X7 App (with under 5 mins turnaround time). We also have over 10 million + questions attempted by learners on our platform so far and robust 500K+ questions in our question bank with over 300K+ solutions (including vernacular content being created in-house), making us one of the few companies in India today claiming the content leadership. 'The New age Tech for the new age learner' aspires to be one of the top 5 Edtech brands in India in the coming years.

Infinity Learn, very recently earned a ?Great Place to Work Certification??. The prestigious award is based entirely on what the employees said about their experience working at Infinity Learn and making the company as the youngest K12 edtech brand to win such an honour.

Company :-Value360 Communications

User :- Shubham Kaushik


Mobile:- +91 9100027043

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