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The 5th anniversary Armored vehicles Rally "The Road of Courage" has ended

2024-06-20 02:09:45 Automotive


The fifth anniversary Armored vehicles Rally "The Road of Courage", dedicated to the 81st anniversary of the Battle of Smolensk, ended on July 13.

The Armored vehicles Rally took place from July 8 to 13 on the route Moscow ? Rzhev ? Vyazma ? Smolensk ? Bryansk ? Ludinovo ? village Petrishchevo ? Moscow. The participants spent more than 40 hours on the road, driving 1300 km through the cities of Russia.

Crews from Kazakhstan, the Republic of Belarus are invited to participate in the Armored vehicles Rally. They brought with them relics of the Brest land, which were given to museums.

The column included restored equipment that was previously in service with the USSR army: BRDM-1, BRDM-2, BTR-40, as well as military vehicles: GAZ-24, GAZ-69, UAZ-469, ZIS-110, ZIL-157, GAZ-63, ZIS-5.

"The Armored Vehicles Rally is a serious test for equipment of such a venerable age, and we managed to eliminate all the problems that happened to the machines right on the way. The speed of rapid repairs is achieved thanks to the design solutions of Soviet developers," - says the chairman of the MILITARY-TECHNICAL SOCIETY Alexey Migalin.

At the last stop Alexey Migalin handed over to representatives of the Republic of Belarus a capsule with earth collected in the cities that the participants of the action visited as part of the first armored vehicles rally "The Road of Courage".

In populated areas participants of the armored rally took part in laying flowers at the memorials of fallen Soviet soldiers. For the local population the restorers held a presentation of armored vehicles with a story about the military operations in which the equipment participated.

"Drivers get very tired, because they spend most of the day behind the wheel. However, the warm welcome of local residents justifies the goals of the armored run, and we appreciate it very much," adds Alexey Migalin.

The Armored vehicles Rally was held with support of the Zvezda TV and Radio Company, the REGNUM news agency, the Equipment and Armament magazine, the ONT TV channel (Republic of Belarus), and the Military Review publication. The partners of the armored vehicles rally were the Government of Moscow, Voentorg (TM Army of Russia) and lubricants manufacturer CUPPER.


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