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Toyota T-Serv Multi-Brand Workshop Introduced In Bangalore

2024-04-12 08:23:27 Automotive


Toyota has announced the introduction of a pilot project, called T-Serv in Bangalore. The company has partnered with multi-brand service outlets for the new project, hoping to offer quality car servicing.

The new Toyota T-Serv brand has been exclusively introduced for India. The new project aims directly at Toyota customers who have shifted to multi-brand workshops for their car service. The introduction of this new project comes after witnessing a change in customer ownership and service behavioural patterns.

TKM has observed that customers make a shift to multi-brand workshops for servicing after extended car usage and/or ownership change. The new T-Serv project will help the brand cater to such customers and ensure transparent and quality car service at all times.

The new multi-brand workshops will be introduced as a partnership between Toyota and independently-owned workshops. The workshops who become part of the T-Serv brand, benefit from TKM's experience of car service via their certified technicians, while also ensuring quality workmanship and convenience.

Apart from the certified technicians, the multi-brand workshops under the T-Serv project will also get access to genuine Toyota spare parts and accessories. Toyota customers of the T-Serv outlet will be able to avail periodic maintenance and general repairs as well.

These customers can also download an exclusive 'T-Serv Customer' app which offers a digital connect, further ensuring a hassle-free vehicle service experience. The app will also allow the workshop owners to keep a track of the operations, while also being able to connect with the customers digitally. Customers of the Toyota T-Serv brand will also get exclusive 'Do-It-Yourself' accessories lineup and car care products as well.

Thoughts On The Toyota T-Serv Multi-Brand Workshops

With many vehicle owners shifting to multi-brand workshops, it makes sense for Toyota to partner with such independent entities and offers their expertise and certified technicians. This is also good news for vehicle customers, as it ensures quality car service.

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