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Invention Upgrades All Motor Vehicle Horns with Flashing Lights

2024-05-27 11:29:46 Automotive


Kansas City, Missouri: Mariluson Design and Marketing LLC today announced the pending patent of its SoundBeam? Alert System, an innovative motor vehicle safety device. This invention greatly improves the safety of both commercial and personal vehicles by effortlessly combining the audible benefits of a horn with the visual effects of flashing lights.

?Due to the rapidly changing transportation industry, this safety device is becoming increasingly necessary,? says Eric B. Williams, owner of Mariluson Design and Marketing LLC. ?With the SoundBeam? Alert System, exterior lights automatically flash when the vehicle?s horn is used. This adds a visual effect to the vehicle?s horn ? even on autonomous vehicles.?

A typical horn may cause dangerous confusion when blown in traffic since it?s not obvious which vehicle is responsible. Adding a visual component to the horn instantly and clearly identifies the vehicle that needs attention.

Additionally, pedestrians and drivers often can?t hear horns properly due to:
? Deafness or hearing impairment
? Cell phone usage
? Stereos, headphones, or earbuds
? Noisy passengers
? Construction and traffic noise

This device also helps protect people with disabilities. A federal standard already requires hybrid and electric vehicles in the United States to produce sound to alert blind and visually impaired pedestrians. But there are more people with hearing impairment than blindness ? especially near roadways and railroad crossings. Adding a visual component to vehicle horns could save the lives of those with and without hearing loss.

?Without this device, attempting to use the horn and flash the lights manually, at the same time, would be difficult and dangerous,? Williams explains.

SoundBeam? Alert System works with all types of horns and lights, on all vehicles, including:
? Cars and trucks (including semi-trucks)
? Motorcycles
? Boats and ships
? Trains and planes
? Private or commercial vehicles
? Autonomous vehicles and self-driving vehicles

SoundBeam? Alert System and its prototype are described in utility patent US20210197719A1. The concept is made available to vehicle manufacturers through licensing agreements with Mariluson Design and Marketing LLC. For more information, visit

About Mariluson Design and Marketing LLC: Mariluson Design and Marketing LLC, based in Greater Kansas City, Missouri, USA, holds several patents.

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