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UCC INDU GmbH Solve The Way Forward in the Global Chip Shortage

2022-08-03 08:30:51 Technology


UCC INDU GmbH new established in 2015, is an independent distributor of electronic components located in Ladenburg, Germany. As branch of Union Component Technology, UCC INDU GmbH achieved more than 20 years of experience in the market of electronic components purchase, research and development. As trading company, we know no limits to our range of products. UCC INDU GmbH have professional purchase team work with overseas official distributors, Avnet, Arrow, WPG, EBV Elektronik, Rutronik.

The entire world is suffering a shortage of chips found within almost every device we use today. Be it mobile phones, vacuum cleaners, or cars, manufacturers have had to idle their production schedules simply because the chips they need to build their products are not available.

Why the Shortage?
The recent pandemic has aggravated the problem of chips shortage. With COVID forcing people to remain indoors and work from home, there has been a quantum jump in the consumption of electronic equipment like computers and mobile phones. With factories forced to reduce their workforce to create safe working conditions, chip manufacturing has not been able to keep up with the demand, leading to an acute shortage.

Who Makes Chips?
Presently, there are only 25 companies making chips in the world. 75% of these companies are in Asia, and 12% in the US. Of them, TSMC in Taiwan and Intel in the US are the largest.

Intel, with their fab outside Phoenix, Arizona, presently concentrates more on electronic components for desktops and laptops than they do for controllers required by the automobile, mobile phone and IoT industry. TSMC supplies chips to carmakers in the US. They are the most sophisticated chip manufacturer, making chips that are 30% faster and more powerful than what Intel makes. But the pandemic has recently exposed the fragility of this supply chain.

The entire situation presents no immediate relief for supply of electronic components to industries in the US or elsewhere in the world. Everyone is likely staring at a shortage of electronic components, especially high-end chips, for at least two more years.


UCC INDU GmbH are able to help our customers maintain uninterrupted production schedules because we regularly schedule large orders of components, direct from the manufacturer, for warehousing throughout our global network of warehouses. We're the preferred vendor for many high-profile OEMs and EMS, but we are versatile enough to offer the same services to our smaller customers.

UCC INDU also employs a dynamic product team whose sole responsibility is to monitor our customers' most used products. As our product team sees manufacturers' lead times begin to increase, or as products approach obsolescence and end-of-life, they make they make strategic buys to ensure these products remain available to our customers when they need them most.

At UCC INDU, we pride ourselves on fast delivery, diverse product offerings and excellent customer service. You can count on UCC INDU for your electronic component needs. Our Offical Website:

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