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A quick run on how EMS impacts the profit and value of a company - Live Webinar

2022-08-08 09:48:27 Technology


Shelton St, London: On 30 June 2022, Excelledia is organizing a webinar on the topic “EMS Solution to Improve Company Added Value & Profitability”. The speakers for the event are Muhammed Farooq, CEO of Excelledia and N.A Putra, CEO of NQA Indonesia & Chairman of Indonesia ISO Expert Association IIEA. Mohammed Farooq is the business owner of isorobot EMS solutions who has been serving in the field of enterprise management solutions software and N.A Putra is an experienced business professional who has been working in founding, development and portfolio management of enterprises. The webinar session will take place at 4.30pm (SGT) | 2.00PM (IST) in online mode.

Excelledia's flagship product, the isorobot business performance and enterprise risk management solutions, is a prominent business. Being a comprehensive platform for businesses to strengthen their business processes and overall management, isorobot has been one of the popular choices among enterprises who look forward to an effective risk resilient organizational culture. Enterprise system solutions have become the backbone of modern business organizations as it is appreciably adding business value and enhancing customer experience to a large scale. The goal of this webinar is to provide an overview of how an EMS solution (isorobot - a unique, all-in-one management EMS) may help companies to improve their value and profitability.

Company :-Excelledia Ventures

User :- Jithin Prem


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