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Money Her Way Launches to Shrink The Financial Equity Gap

2024-05-26 08:18:13 Blogging & Social Media


As expert financial literacy becomes an essential part of living, the team will aim to help spread the knowledge and key aspects in order to live a fulfilling life.

(Boston, MA June 14th, 2022) In May of 2022, Money Her Way officially launched its pilot website that is completely dedicated to educating and providing awareness to women in need of financial support. The co-founders, a mother daughter duo: Rebecca and Rachel Pino, found an enormous need to help women when it came to what they thought were simple financial decisions such as 401K or building credit. By building a strong community of writers and a strong foundational team, Money Her Way is on track to help thousands of readers monthly through helpful tips, personal stories, and step by step tutorials.

One of the biggest assets we provide our readers is access to a number of calculators that allow you to simply calculate and budget efficiently and effectively. With the backing from a partnership with a family owned financial firm, Halliday Financial, the team has been able to appropriately trial and error these tools in order to make the best representation of where you stand financially. Examples below:
Wedding Budget Calculator
Net Worth Calculator
Budget Planner Calculator
Home Insurance Calculator
Student Loan Payoff Calculator
Mortgage Calculator
Savings Goal Calculator

Lastly, if this sounds like a mission that you could get behind, we want YOU to write for us or partner with us. We are seeking all female professionals across every industry to tell their stories and how they overcame their financial challenges and stressors. We are not looking for perfection but raw, real stories that will help as many women across the world as possible.

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