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Team HyugaLife celebrated world bicycle day through a vibrant and enthusiastic cyclothon

2022-06-27 01:34:51 Miscellaneous


Sequoia-backed, HyugaLife celebrated world bicycle day through a vibrant and enthusiastic cyclothon, wherein they proudly flaunted their hashtag #jointhehyugalife on their backs.
The lively squad explored the streets of Bombay, radiating the holy message of leading a happier and healthir life; donned in a joyous yellow color.

The Cyclothon started from Colaba, towards the Gateway of India, and ended on the Marine Drive Promenade.

The enthusiastic involvement of witnessing joggers and cyclists made the event more memorable; where people not only voluntarily joined the HyugaLife squad but also adorned themselves in its vibrant yellow merchandise consisting of sippers, caps and the statement happy t-shirt. The group together not only rejoiced at the sunrise experience but harmoniously contributed to spreading happiness everywhere they went by asking a simple question, ‘did you smile today?’

The new digital health platform 'HyugaLife' is positioning itself as a one-stop destination for customers to consume educational content on wellbeing and nutrition, buy authentic products curated by renowned experts in health and wellness, and receive personalized and assisted shopping for customers who wish to know more about healthy living.

Company :-Carmine Communications

User :- Nabanita Guha



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