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Technostacks launched QuickScan App for iOS & Android acts as a collaboration tool for Remote Working

2024-03-04 02:38:29 Technology


The pandemic still affects our everyday lives in more ways than we can think about. Our lives have changed drastically with zoom calls being the new meeting sessions instead of conference room, the computation of office to work being walking from bedroom to study room and complete digitization of all the paperwork

As the time passed, businesses have realized the benefit of digitization post-pandemic. Even when things are gradually getting back to normal, employees are reluctant to give up this remote working culture. The benefits of flexibility that digitization has resulted into has become an addiction for the employees. Digitization is the reality and the future of enterprise, the faster people realize, the better it is for their enterprises. Traditional set up companies that are still hesitant to accept online working methodology but see the pandemic as the wake up call for the future industry trends.

Benefits of Digitization include

1. Increased agility of the software compared to paper office
2. Use of smartphone for multiple functionalities with installation of third party apps and in-built apps
3. Convenience & Ease of Organization, sorting, sharing and archival of digital files
4. Time saving, Cost saving and increased efficiency

Use of QuickScan App as a collaboration tool

Imagine a case scenario where you are having a party at your house and your team lead asks you to urgently mail him a copy of the legal agreement document that you had taken home for review & signing.
Obviously you do not have a scanner at your place and the scanner shop is quite far from your place. Here the QuickScan - Document Scanner App can come to your rescue. Quickscan Scanner launched by Technostacks is loaded with features that make remote working as easy as it can be.

Some of the launched features of the QuickScan App that make work from home life easier include:
1. Compatibility with Android smartphones, iPhone and iPad.
2. OCR with language support: Optical Character recognition to edit the scanned document and recognize text before sending to the respective person. Further, multilingual features are a great help especially when remote working is global and language barrier needs to be surpassed.
3. Inexpensive : The QuickScan App basic scan is free and requires in-app subscription for premium features.
4. Storage: The documents can be saved on cloud, drive or in the app itself.
5. Secured document: All sectors that have implemented digitization are dealing with privacy as a vital issue. This document scanner app allows addition of 4 PIN/Password to every document before saving or sharing to respect confidentiality of the document. Further the cloud integration is encrypted and the app complies to all the security and privacy guidelines
6. Electronic signatures/Stamp addition: The App also enables e-signatures and stamps on the scanned documents.

QuickScan Document scanner App along with its mentioned features benefits lawyers, teachers, students, insurers, banking and finance sector, construction & transportation sector, doctors for efficient remote working.

Document scanning of receipts, invoices, vehicle documents, legal documents, specifications, certifications, drawings, police reports, proofs of income, tax receipts, Identity cards, medical records, business cards can all be easily scanned and shared. They can also be turned into searchable and editable text with the OCR feature.

About QuickScan App
QuickScan App is on the Go document scanner app for iOS and Android developed by Technostacks Infotech Pvt. Ltd. The app has launched many images and video tutorials about how to utilize all its collaboration features for ease and efficiency of remote working. For more details you can visit our website

Company :-Technostacks

User :- Hansal Shah


Phone :-+91-9909012616

Mobile:- +91-9909012616

Url :-

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