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International Research Conference on Covid-19 and Its Impact on Mental Health

2024-07-14 08:49:42 Events / Trade Shows


The International Research Conference on Covid-19 and Its Impact on Mental Health or IRCCIMH will be held at New Delhi, India during 5th ? 6th June 2022. The IRCCIMH organized by Research Conferences.
The outbreak of pandemic Covid-19 has disrupted the economic, financial and social systems of most countries and the short and long-term consequences will be difficult to appraise. The purpose of this special issue is to encourage early research into what these consequences might be in both developed and developing countries.
Corona virus disease made everyone stressed. Anxiety, depression and fear about an outbreak may cause mental health disorders in adults and children. Coping of mental health during covid-19 is important for the people you care about. Stress during an outbreak involves changes in sleeping habits, eating patterns changes, worsens mental health conditions, over thinking, difficulty in sleeping and concentrating. Sleep disorders arise in every individual during the outbreak. Mental health of children, teens, adults and older people will vary during this outbreak. Take care of yourself and your community to cope with stress disorder. There are many ways to cope with stress, taking breaks from watching, reading, listening to news about the outbreak. Hearing about the pandemic repeatedly can be disturbing and unnecessary tension will be raised in the minds. Take deep breaths, do yoga and meditation. Talk with people about your feelings and concerns.

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