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Somebay Launches Docflipper - The new Cmd + Tab switcher with bookmarks assistant on board for macOS

2024-06-13 12:53:39 Computer


The Somebay team recently introduced the Docflipper app, apparently the most advanced and convenient Cmd + Tab switcher among all existing similar apps for macOS, and moreover with a built-in bookmarks assistant feature.

The developers created an app that transforms the native macOS app switcher into a simple and convenient tool that combines the familiar Cmd + Tab navigation and the ability to have quick access to user stuff on desktop as bookmarks within the switcher board panel.

The idea for this came mostly out of frustration with the native app switcher on Mac. The usual behavior of macOS when the windows of launched apps might be hidden while switching with Cmd + Tab and every time needs additionally to click on app icon in the dock panel, just to show off the app window. Docflipper fixes it and should make the switching between launched apps and Finder windows more comfortable. Also, the guys from Somebay met the cases where users need to launch some app, doc, folder, or URL quickly, avoiding any long way to launch it from the Desktop or Launchpad. To resolve it they've added the Bookmarks Assistant feature right into the Cmd + Tab switcher panel.

Well, all that means that from now you can surf and launch all of your stuff on Mac right from the Cmd + Tab panel.

Who can be close to this app? Dockflipper is presented as an application that can be useful for developers, designers, project managers, financiers, and all geeks who would be interested in improving the productivity of their work on Mac.

It's also worth noting that this app combines the outstanding convenience and aesthetic appearance of the native macOS app switcher. The developers tried to hold out to the macOS UI authenticity and smoothness in full, but at the same time to provide users a number of additional unique features that none of the similar Desktop launcher or organizer apps can boast of at now.

Docflipper key features:

- Create and manage bookmarks to have quick access to your favorite applications, projects, URLs, folders, files, or documents that are always at hand within the app switcher panel.

- Easy switch and surf between apps, windows, and bookmarks as you used to with a native Cmd + Tab switcher on Mac.

- The app brings a feature that makes the Finder and other hidden windows of launched applications always visible while switching.

- Docflipper supports work with apps that have a Linking to internal files feature. For example, Figma, Notion, etc. You can add and then open shared URLs directly to your projects or files in such applications.

- You can turn off applications notifications in the switcher panel to focus on your job and get distraction-free.

Download the Docflipper app here

Docflipper starts with a 10-day trial at launch with no need to add your payment info and is available with the Lifetime and Subscription plans.

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