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LincodeLabs hosted SMAARC 2022

2024-04-16 07:17:41 Events / Trade Shows


SMAARC hosted its 5th event and 2nd annual conference on the theme ?Evolving Industry 4.0? recently. LincodeLabs was the title sponsor for the conference and Autobots Inc was co-sponsor of the event. LincodeLabs is a leading AI visual inspection company that has demonstrated that its technology has achieved impressive results in defect detection vs. traditional machine vision technologies.

A panel discussion on the topic ?Addressing the challenges faced by Industry 4.0? was moderated by Rajesh Iyengar, CEO, and Founder of Lincode. A bench of elite panelists including Sachin Ganpathi, Executive Director at Ascent Intellimation Pvt. Ltd., Karam Vir Rehani, from KVR Consulting, Sachin Kotasthane, Sr. Solutions Director, Manufacturing Vertical IoTWoRKS, HCL Technologies, and Parag Kulkarni, Senior Manager at e-F@ctory Business, Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt. Ltd., were part of the panel discussion. They discussed the existing challenges for the effective implementation of Industry 4.0 into any business.

During the Panel discussion, Rajesh Iyengar, CEO, and Founder of Lincode, said ?Industry 4.0 is the future of the manufacturing industry. The challenges and opportunities are massive but how we use artificial intelligence, machine learning, and sensors in complex machines is going to play a crucial role in the smart manufacturing industry. Every company must start implementing smart manufacturing into the factory floors to optimize efficiency, increase productivity and provide accurate results.?

The adaptation of Robots in the Indian market is seeing a steep upcurve. They find a place right in the center of the cyber physical system that is the Industry4.0. With collaborative robots empowered with AI and machine learning we have moved to a phase of the future where robots themselves are "thinking on their feet". said Latha Joshii, Business Development Manager, Autobots Inc

Experts from the fields of AI, Robotics, System Integrators, Manufacturing and Finance, representing over 47 organizations, gathered for networking and promoted the next-generation technologies that will boost manufacturing efficiency and the economy.

SMAARC is a community of professionals and experts from AI, AR, and Robotics, catering to manufacturing industries. It is an ecosystem initiated to address the challenges faced by manufacturers encouraging them to adapt to the smart manufacturing technology and innovative solutions available today.

About Lincode

LincodeLabs is a leading AI visual inspection company has demonstrated that its technology has achieved impressive results in defect detection vs. traditional machine vision technologies.

Lincode was founded by Rajesh Iyengar, the Founder and CEO, and co-founded by Co-founder and CTO, Ritika Nigam. Rajesh to his credit has three successful ventures and has over 19 years of experience across IT, and manufacturing sectors. Rajesh has also developed a patent-pending Secure OS for IIoT. Meanwhile, Ritika Nigam has over 13 years of experience in senior technology roles and architecting solutions across multiple domains such as Extreme Healthcare, Adwords, HCM, IT and Networking.

User :- Shivani Matta


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