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KNEO Automation Successfully Implemented MAPP VITA maintenance Module in the Steel Industry

2022-06-24 10:15:51 Technology


Warje, Pune, Maharashtra, May 19, 2022: Steel production and supply are largely influenced by the speed of production as well as demand. Unplanned downtime is extremely expensive for a company in the steel industry. KNEO Automation, a leading Industrial Automation and Industry 4.0 service provider company, has successfully implemented a MAPP VITA predictive maintenance module in the steel industry to provide manufacturers with earlier visibility into events, minimizing maintenance workloads, costs, and plant downtime.
These condition monitoring techniques are used on sophisticated turbines, blowers, and compressors. Because bearings are a critical component of rotating machines, sensors are frequently installed directly on the bearing to estimate vibration and bearing surface temperature.
By using Industry 4.0 technologies and strategies with a combination of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), MAPP Vita enables manufacturers to collect more meaningful insight using data from assets for analysis and subsequent predictive maintenance activities. This module moves users from a reactive maintenance approach to a proactive condition-based approach. In this approach, manufacturers use evidence-of-fault to discover how to maintain equipment or even when to replace it.
1. 24X7 remote monitoring
2. Early warnings of potential failures
3. Reduce unplanned downtime and maintenance costs
4. Real-time monitoring of the selected parameters
5. Prioritize and optimize machine health and performance
6. Ability to send alerts to the operator if the values are deviates from threshold limits.
The maintenance team check for sign of potential failure and practice predictive strategies to search for the root cause of an impending breakdown. An entire team can easily access and share the data with measurements then alert notifications are sent to the concerned team when the asset experiences any changes than the threshold values. Now the maintenance team can resolve the concerns before they cause a complete breakdown.
MAPP VITA software has a maintenance workflow that keeps track of all data. All maintenance data can be captured and stored at a particular machine master which will enhance the uptime of machines.
Using industry-standard protocols, predictive maintenance functionality makes it simpler to analyze the condition and operational characteristics of an asset to know when to perform service, based on the condition of parts.
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About Kneo:

Kneo has been engaged in the field of industrial automation in various sectors of the economy like Automotive, Food and beverages, Textile, Process, etc. Along with Automation operations, they are also providing solutions in the IT- OT domain. Kneo helps in automating processes with various Industrial automation services. Their Industry 4.0 solution includes a Performance monitoring system, an advanced scheduling module, a track and trace module, maintenance management, etc.
Are you ready to harness the power of machine data with Kneo IIOT Platform?

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