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Flicknexs OTT streaming platform includes a live streaming feature to its platform

2022-06-23 01:24:33 Technology


Flicknexs, A video management company, has included Live video streaming features in its services as it allows users to live stream video content across different devices and platforms.

With Flicknexs, content creators can easily upload, monetize and distribute on-demand video content across different devices and platforms. Along With additional live video streaming features, video creators can quickly launch and live stream video content across the web and mobile with a single click without worrying much about other complexities.

This pandemic has pushed many organizations and marketers to consider live streaming for user acquisition and engagement. Live streaming has become the most interactive form of communication as it attracts a broader audience helping organizations achieve their business goals.

Flicknexs ensure high quality and more secure live streaming of video content to end users across mobile and web. Flicknexs offers additional interactive features like live chat options and Q&A sessions to interact with users and build a bond between business and customers. Live-streamed video content can be recorded and stored in a video library where users who missed live streaming can watch the video later as on-demand video content.

Flicknexs have partnered with a global CDN(Content Delivery Network) for secure and faster delivery of video content to end-users worldwide without any latency. Multi bitrate(MBR) streaming feature ensures to avoid buffering by adjusting video streaming quality according to user internet speed. Video CMS (Content Management System) feature efficiently organizes video files under different categories and sections.

Flicknexs always try to offer its rich array of features like different video monetization options and advanced security features for the secure transfer of video content and focuses more on the protection of users' data. It is also supported by an analytics dashboard that gives information about the performance of video content and user behavior, where video creators can also make changes accordingly to deliver engaging video content to users.

About Flicknexs
Flicknexs is a SaaS-Based Video platform provider that enables individual video creators and artists to build their OTT streaming platforms to manage and distribute their video content to users and make revenue using different monetization methods.

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