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Technostacks Has Delivered A Telemedicine App For Doctor-Patient Communication

2022-06-24 04:47:41 Technology


Technostacks is a web and mobile app development company that offers IT services from India and internationally. The company has delivered a telemedicine application to enable healthcare professionals and patients.
Telemedicine solutions use the latest technology to enhance and coordinate patient care with growing healthcare challenges worldwide. Mobile health apps help physicians, and medical stakeholders organize patient profiles, assist with digital payments, ease doctor-patient in-app communication and maintain medical history.
"Looking at the demand of the Telemedicine app, we have built a Doctor-Patient Communication app with a telemedicine platform for doctors benefiting medical professionals and patients," said Hansal Shah, CEO and Co-founder of Technostacks.
Apart from the Telemedicine app development, the company has a range of diverse services to provide. Some are AR/VR solutions, Blockchain development, Internet Of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence solutions, Cloud, and DevOps.
As one of the reliable app development companies, Technostacks has given facts that can be advantageous to your business to grow:
Compliance is significant in industry-specific apps like HIPPA compliant guidelines we followed in our Telemedicine App for the healthcare sector.
A mobile app for the healthcare domain must cover the patient's medical history that can be checked, updated, shared, and monitored from any location.
The connectivity with the pharmacy and insurance management is vital for today's best healthcare apps.
When medical professionals are interacting, patient safety is essential. Lack of crucial insights, misinterpretation of data, and overlooked updates in status can be risky. So, we have covered Doctor-patient in-app communication with user communications and sharing of the patient location.
Data on patient allergies, medical history, current consulting status, scheduling information, and the terms & consent section are equally significant.
Why do Technostacks teams get selected over other app development companies?
Medical apps for doctors and patients must be flawless. Our app is regarded as an innovative and quality app by our clients.
The team of the company is experienced and effective. So, clients trust the services and commitments given to them.
The company builds app projects in a mutually decided budget with the client, so clients get the best pricing package.
Technostacks keeps the reliability and transparency in every phase of the project and follows the guiding principles of app development in the healthcare sector.
About the Company
Technostacks is a reputed web, software and mobile app development company that has effectively carved its niche within a few years of its commencement. The company is actively offering comprehensive IT solutions for a diverse clientele globally. Its professional team has in-depth knowledge of the newest technologies and tools and has successfully provided software solutions that have helped businesses, consumers, and professionals. The company delivers mobile apps at affordable pricing and offers timely project deliveries to ensure client satisfaction. Apart from its office in Ahmedabad in Gujarat, the company has its office in the USA and the UK.
If you are interested in exploring more about Technostacks, the company is pleased to assist at:
Contact Number:- +91-9909012616

Company :-Technostacks Infotech

User :- Kosha Shah


Phone :-09909012616

Mobile:- 09909012616

Url :-


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